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Bountiful impressions: Chrysanthemums and foil balloons

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2020/09/28 at 9:00
Delivery: Free

Bouquet details

Daisy poms
60 pieces
Foil balloon
Tape, 1m


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— You’ll get 2.1 bonus points for this bouquet (3% from the cost). Use your bonus points to pay for the next orders.
If the recipient did not like the bouquet, let us know within 24 hours and we will replace the bouquet!

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4 September 2019

Wow! Very impressed with the rapidity and reliability of the service! I would highly recommend arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil...

1 September 2019

These flowers are amazing! Arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons" is flawless! Thanks a lot.

1 September 2019

Extremely satisfied! I ordered the arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons" four days ago and now it is in the full bloom.

31 August 2019

Easy to book and quick delivered! I TOTALLY love my arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons"! Flowers are amazing! This experience

31 August 2019

I'm satisfied with your flower delivery service. The arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons" made the day of my recipient!

29 August 2019

Lovely flowers. I totally love arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons"! Such a beautiful bouquet) I'm looking forward to

27 August 2019

Brilliant! The arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons" will definitely drop everyone's jaws! Flowers smelt amazing.

26 August 2019

Totally love the flowers! The arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons" made my recipient happy! Thank you very much for the

22 August 2019

Super! I'm your loyal client from now on) Arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums and foil balloons" is gorgeous! A+++ Very happy with my o

18 August 2019

The bouquet was absolutely stunning! I have no regrets about buying flowers here. OMG the flovers in arrangement "bountiful impressions: chrysanthemums

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Is there a recipe for the happiest smile? We think we are pretty close to find the answer: take a bunch of sunny yellow chrysanthemums and stir a dash of serene whites, and finish with a festive foil balloon. (Note: don’t forget to give a happy smile in return!)

General characteristics
Type Composition
Occasion Anniversary
Width 40 cm
Height 40 cm
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