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Bouquet 'Blushing Sunrise'
Bouquet 'Blushing Sunrise'

Store response

Thank you very much Madi! <3

Bouquet 'Suite'
Bouquet 'Suite'

Flowers were ok and delivered in time, but next time I would like to see exact those flowers which I ordered on web site. Thank you.

Oleksii Dorofieiev
Bouquet 'Scarlet Embrace'
Bouquet 'Scarlet Embrace'

I had a great experience. The site itself is very easy to use and you placing order takes several minutes. The flowers were amazing and my friend was delivered very nicely. Thank you ❤️

Ana Gorgiashvili
Bouquet 'Enchanted Elixir'

I sent some flowers to my girl in Russia. She was feeling horrible (toothache with impending oral surgery) and thanks to My Global Flowers they were there within 24 hours! The delivery person even called her to verify her address and time to be delivered. Great service. Thanks so much!

Charles Jandris


What color should anniversary flowers be?

When choosing the color of anniversary flowers, there are several popular options that convey love and romance. Red flowers, such as roses, are a classic choice as they symbolize deep passion and affection. Pink flowers, such as pink roses or carnations, represent gentleness, sweetness, and admiration. Purple flowers, like lavender or orchids, embody elegance, grace, and enchantment. Yellow flowers, such as sunflowers or yellow roses, symbolize friendship, joy, and optimism. While these colors are traditionally associated with anniversaries, it's important to consider the recipient's preferences and personality. If you know their favorite colors, incorporating them into the bouquet can add a personal touch and show that you've put thought into the gift. By selecting anniversary flowers in colors that hold meaning for both you and your loved one, you can create a truly memorable and heartfelt gesture that celebrates your special bond.

What kind of flowers do you get for an anniversary?

When selecting flowers for an anniversary, it is important to consider options that symbolize the depth of love and affection shared between the couple. Among the timeless choices are roses, renowned for their association with passion and romance. Their velvety petals and intoxicating fragrance are sure to convey the profound emotions felt on such a special occasion.

Another excellent choice is tulips, known for their elegance and beauty. Their graceful blooms in various colors can be customized to reflect the couple's unique style and taste.

Orchids are also a popular option, symbolizing love, luxury, and strength. Their exotic allure and long-lasting nature make them a perfect gift to signify a lasting and resilient relationship.

Ultimately, while considering these traditional options, it's crucial to personalize the choice of flowers to suit the recipient's preferences and create a bouquet that truly captures the essence of their love and journey together.

What is the best way to send anniversary flowers?

The best way to send anniversary flowers is through a reliable and reputable flower delivery service like My Global Flowers. They offer excellent anniversary flower delivery services, both locally and internationally. Their experienced florists carefully arrange fresh and beautiful flowers to create stunning bouquets that will impress your loved ones and convey your heartfelt wishes.

Can I send anniversary flowers to a different country?

Yes, you can definitely send anniversary flowers to a different country. My Global Flowers provides international flower delivery services, ensuring that your fresh and beautiful anniversary flowers reach your loved ones no matter where they are. With their network of trusted local florists worldwide, you can rely on them to deliver your thoughtful gift and make your loved ones' anniversary truly special, even if they're far away.

Do you offer same-day anniversary flower delivery?

Yes, we do offer same-day anniversary flower delivery in many locations. However, availability may vary based on the location and the specific flowers chosen. It is best to check with our customer support or on our website to confirm the possibility of same-day delivery for your desired bouquet and location.

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