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Bouquet 'Rose Bliss'

First Time using My Global Flowers and was not disappointed! Beautiful and fresh flowers were delivered!

Nissi Narsoo

My friend was super happy, the plant looks very nice

Store response

Thank you very much

catherine lugand
Bouquet 'Fiery greetings'
Bouquet 'Fiery greetings'

Flowers were ordered for a 50th birthday, in Sweden. The online ordering process and the website were easy to navigate. The flowers were delivered on time and the person who received them was very pleased with the arrangement. I appreciated receiving an email for every step of the process, including when the flowers were delivered. A substitution had to be made due to a shortage of tulips, but I was informed of the issue and I appreciated being told. I would highly recommend myglobalflowers.com to anyone. Thank you for the excellent service!

Margareta Karrel
Bouquet 'Summer Serenade'

We ordered these flowers for my Mother in Law in Russia. It was easy to find flowers we liked and order them. I loved that we could do same day delivery or pick a certain day. The were delivered the day we wanted and were beautiful. Will definitely order from them again

Charlotte Chance


Should I send flowers for new babies?

Sending flowers to celebrate the arrival of a new baby is a cherished tradition that brings joy and warmth to the new parents' hearts. It's a thoughtful gesture that conveys your happiness and extends your warm wishes during this momentous occasion. Even if you're unable to visit the new family in person due to distance or other reasons, sending flowers allows you to participate in the celebration and share in their happiness from afar.

On our website, we have a dedicated category of beautiful bouquets specifically designed for welcoming a new baby. These arrangements are carefully crafted to capture the joy and excitement surrounding this special event. You'll find an array of vibrant and charming blooms that symbolize the happiness and blessings that come with the arrival of a precious little one.

What kind of flowers do I send for a new baby?

Choosing the perfect flowers for a new baby can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. The right flowers can bring a sense of joy and warmth to the new parents, and convey your sincere wishes and love for the new arrival. When selecting flowers for a new baby, it's essential to consider the color, meaning, and symbolism of the blooms. Bright and cheerful colors such as pink, blue, yellow, or white are ideal for new baby flowers. Pink symbolizes love, blue represents calmness and serenity, yellow signifies happiness, and white signifies purity and innocence.

Can I send flowers for new babies to another country?

Thanks to the internet and the advancements in logistics and transportation, sending flowers for a new baby to another country has become much easier and more convenient. If you have loved ones living abroad who have recently welcomed a new baby, you can still celebrate this joyous occasion by sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. From traditional roses to colorful lilies or exotic orchids, you can choose from a wide range of flowers that can express your love and warm wishes to the new family.

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