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Pink Roses Bouquets

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Bouquet '20 premium pink roses'
Delivery Delivery $15.00
Bouquet '20 premium pink roses'
30 x 50 cm
Roses 50 cm — 20
Bouquet '100 premium pink roses'
Delivery Delivery $15.00
Roses 50 cm — 100
Bouquet 'Flower Queen: Roses, Cymbidiums and Alstroemerias'
Delivery Delivery $15.00
Roses 50 cm — 7
Alstroemeria — 7
Spray rose 50 cm — 7
Cymbidium Orchid — 7
Flask for orchids
Bouquet '20 Pink and White Roses'
Delivery Delivery $15.00
Ecuador White Rose 50 cm — 10
Ecuador Pink Rose 50 cm — 10
Bouquet '11 Spray roses'
Delivery Delivery $15.00
Bouquet '11 Spray roses'
26 x 25 cm
Spray rose 50 cm — 11
Gypsophila — 2
Modern packaging

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Latest reviews

Bouquet 'Sweet temptation: Red roses and Baby's breath'

I put in an order from the uk to be delivered to Barcelona the next day. I wasnt very accurate with the address details but that wasnt a problem for the team. They contacted me promptly without any fuss and made sure the lovely flowers were delivered the same day! Many Thanks

Store response

Muchas gracias.

Heather Masters
Bouquet 'Blushing Sunrise'
Bouquet 'Blushing Sunrise'

Store response

Thank you very much Madi! <3

Bouquet 'Whisper of Roses'

Perfect, flowers were beautiful and Service was Great. Prices were reasonable. My girl was surprised and happy

Keith Gallo


Are pink roses suitable for romantic occasions?

Absolutely! Pink roses are the epitome of romance and make a stunning choice for any amorous occasion. Their delicate and alluring appearance, coupled with their enchanting fragrance, captures the essence of love and passion. Pink roses symbolize deep affection, admiration, and gratitude, making them perfect for expressing heartfelt emotions to a significant other or secret admirer. Whether it's an anniversary, Valentine's Day, or simply a spontaneous romantic gesture, the tender hues of pink roses convey a message of love, tenderness, and devotion, creating a lasting impression on the recipient.

Are there any specific occasions where pink roses are commonly used?

Pink roses find themselves as cherished companions in a wide array of special occasions and celebrations. Their timeless beauty and versatile symbolism make them a popular choice for various events. One notable occasion where pink roses take center stage is weddings. They embody love, joy, and purity, making them an ideal choice for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations. Pink roses add a touch of elegance and romance to the wedding ambiance, symbolizing the love shared between the couple.

Can I mix pink roses with other flowers in a bouquet?

Sure! Pink roses complement various flowers beautifully, allowing you to create stunning mixed bouquets. They pair well with flowers like lilies, carnations, baby's breath, and tulips, adding depth and elegance to any arrangement. You can get creative with different color combinations to suit the occasion or recipient's preferences.

Do pink roses have any special meanings or symbolism?

Pink roses carry a range of meanings, including love, gratitude, appreciation, elegance, and grace. Light pink roses often represent gentleness and admiration, while deeper shades of pink symbolize gratitude and appreciation. Giving pink roses can convey heartfelt emotions and serve as a token of affection or gratitude towards someone special.

How long do pink roses typically last once they are delivered?

With proper care, pink roses can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. It's important to trim the stems at an angle, change the water every two days, and keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Following these steps will help extend their beauty and keep them fresh for as long as possible.

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