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Latest reviews

Bouquet 'Mono white'

I ordered flowers for my mother's birthday and the process went smoothly. The local store contacted me via WhatsApp with photos of the bouquet for final approval, so I knew what my mom was getting. There was a minor substitution but with flowers of equal value and just as attractive. My mom loved them. It was a very pleasant experience overall.

Veronica Gventsadze
Bouquet 'Masterpiece: Carnations, Chrysanthemums and Alstroemerias'
Bouquet 'Masterpiece: Carnations, Chrysanthemums and Alstroemerias'

Thomas Woodworth
Bouquet 'Rose Bliss'
Bouquet 'Rose Bliss'

The person Recieve the beautiful flowers on time

maria josefa gonzalez marina
Bouquet 'Whispers of Serenity'

Website was easy to follow. Flowers were beautiful and delivery was great and just as they offered.

Mary Monroe
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