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Valentine’S Day Bestseller ★★★★★ 475 orders
Saint Valentine`s Day: red Roses

A sign of strong attachment and passionate feelings! A worthy acknowledgement for the one you love so sincerely.


Love is in the air, and the day of loving hearts is almost here! Make sure everything is ready for the most romantic day of the year with a pre-order for 14 February, 2020. Need your Valentine’s flowers today? Order by 2 PM in your loved one’s time zone, and we’ll deliver a perfect floral declaration of love! World

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40 cm
35 cm
A Dozen of Daisies
Daisy poms - 12, Pistachio, Transparent vase
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55 cm
50 Tulips
Tulip - 50, Opaque vase
Available upon request.
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What are the most romantic Valentine's Day flowers?

Make her heart sing with gorgeous flowers! Our beautiful and timelessly romantic Valentine’s Day flower arrangements will convey your most beautiful and deepest feelings.



Roses are Valentine’s Day favorites! Every year in the UK alone more than 500 000 roses are sold on February 14. The tradition of sending Valentine’s Day flowers began in the 17th century. Even then it was mostly roses, because they are a symbol of deep, passionate, and undying love. Roses are also a favorite flower of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.



Beautiful red roses are a classic flower gift that will always evoke a sigh of delight, but you really can’t go wrong with any other flower either! If you’re looking for some special Valentine’s Day bouquet ideas, you’ll probably find these little hints useful:


  • Orchids — This sensual and seductive flower is the best choice for someone you’re really passionate about. Tropical and vanilla-scented, they are famous aphrodisiacs. In medieval Europe, orchids were extremely popular as the “flowers of love”. Their charisma, beauty, and grace will leave no heart indifferent.
  • Lilies — An ancient symbol of womanhood, for many centuries in French heraldry Fleur-de-Lys was also a symbol of the monarchy and the elite. Its elegance and beauty attracts all eyes and arouses sincere admiration. In the Victorian’s flower language, lily means purity, loyalty, and nobility. A bouquet of perfect lilies reflects delicacy, beauty, and refinement.
  • Tulips — These stunningly beautiful flowers with an incredible palette of colors and shades make perfect happy Valentine’s Day flowers! Eastern in origin, this flower is a symbol of passionate love and admiration. Japanese geishas prepared a special salad from orchid and tulip bulbs for themselves and their guests to awaken love and sensuality.

When is the best time to make an order?

If you want a perfect romantic surprise, it’s better to take care of the delivery in advance. On this day in particular, we usually have too many international orders, and our Valentine’s delivery service may be overloaded. To ensure that your loved one will shine with happiness, we suggest making your order at least three days before Valentine’s Day.

However, if you need to send your romantic flower message today, place your order online before 2 PM in your special someone’s time zone, and we’ll ship it worldwide even on February 14th!

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