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Best flower colors for birthday

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Birthday colorsHarmonious colors in floral giftArrangement colors according to birth monthBirthday flowersBirthday is a solemn and joyful day in the life of every person.
If the birthday boy or birthday girl is your loved one, it is doubly responsible to choose the right gift for him or her.
Anyway some beautiful bouquet will be elegant addition to every birthday gift.
In the flower etiquette of the English speaking countries such as the USA or Great Britain there are some rules concerning colors for different occasions, which we describe here. But, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. In various cultures customs differ from each other.  

Birthday colors

Of course, it's best if you know the recipient's favorite color. Otherwise, you will find a statement on different colors, detailed information on the symbolism as well as tips on for whom these could be suitable as gifts here.
Actually, there are no strict principles, but we should consider that first of all birthday is merry occasion.
Thereunder festive colors have priority. According to color theory these are yellow, red, pink, green.

Yellow flowers

It’s important not to forget about plant species, because different flowers of the same color have different meanings. For example, yellow rose is called celebration flower. At the same time, yellow tulips mean unrequited love, and in this case, yellow can’t be considered as celebration color.

  • Sunflowers are generally yellow and symbolize long life and luck. They also can represent devotion and non-romantic love. So, sunflowers are perfect birthday gift for friends and relatives.
  • Festive yellow orchids express likewise friendship and wealth.
  • As celebration flower is yellow gerbera daisy rival of yellow roses. It represents loyalty and is one of the top birthday gifts for friends.
  • Yellow iris symbolizes experience and truth. This is why it’s suitable gift for some anniversary or birthday of elder person.
  • Yellow Dahlias stand for elegance and beauty, which is another reason why they are most appropriate as birthday flowers for women.
  • Yellow Acacia represents elegance as well and also suits for girls.

It is important to consider, that following yellow flowers make an exception and are unacceptable as birthday gift. Yellow carnation and hyacinth have negative meaning of disappointment and jealousy. Yellow zinnia is given for more serious occasions, because it represents remembrance.

Red Flowers

Generally express red flowers passionate love and romance. So, it is better to gift them to your beloved one. Nevertheless, in birthday arrangements they have some additional connotations.

  • Red roses as birthday gift are only appropriate for persons with whom you are in love, because passionate love is the general meaning of this flower.
  • Red asters are the perfect birthday gift. They represent such common things as devotion and enthusiasm.
  • It is common to give red chrysanthemums as floral gift for friends, as they symbolize friendliness.
  • Red geraniums have such meanings as happy family and vitality, so they are appropriate for young girls.
  • Maltese Cross means dedication, this is why you can gift it to close people as relatives or beloved one.
  • Red azalea represents fertility and wealth, you can gift it to a person aiming for success.

Pink Flowers

Pink color has different unexpected, often contrasting connotations. It can stand for something gentle, delicate as well as for something powerful and strong.

  • Pink tulips express love of life and suit for strong and vigorous persons.
  • Pink hyacinths represent innocence and joy.
  • Gratitude is symbolized by pink roses, which is a reason, why you can give them as birthday gift to your teacher or an elder colleague.
  • Pink lilies stand for love, femininity and admiration. So, they are the perfect gift for your girlfriend, sister, grandma or mom.

Green Flowers

Green is often found in nature. Therefore, this color is associated with life and growth and, figuratively, with hope and confidence. Green flowers are not so common; but fortunately, not only every flower, but also every bouquet has some amount of this festive color. In other words: with every floral gift you give a piece of nature that also means life, hope and confidence.
Green rose is one of the rarest in its family. The first known rose of this color in Europe was bred 1856 in England. The meaning of the green rose is hope, recovery, youth and also the balance between mind and body.
The green rose is also a symbol of freshness, because green is the color of nature. This color brings a lot of life into the rooms, whether through roses or other decorative objects.

Of course, you can always ask florists to help you with bouquet color. They can find harmonious color scheme, which will delight your birthday girl or boy.

Harmonious colors in floral gift

  • There are different combinations which suit well as birthday color scheme. For example, dark tones of red and green combined with light green shades create a generous look for your bouquet. You can add some greenery to red asters to achieve such effect.
  • It also matters to consider, that your bouquet is floral gift and its colors can match the whole design of celebration.
  • It is possible to use the tones of decorative elements as parts of the arrangement’s color scheme. Burst colors with small bunches of flowers added to the composition.
  • Birthday arrangements including different tones of the same color look balanced out. Primarily pink arrangement needs coral or pale pinks for a change.
  • You can also use additional gifts such as chocolates, wine or teddy bear to complement the design of the whole composition. Certainly, don’t forget about balloons, which are effective elements to decorate your arrangement.

Arrangement colors according to birth month

You can also select the floral gift regarding the month.

  • January birthdays are traditionally associated with white color. There is also specific January flower known as snowdrop or Galanthus. It is gifted in January because it symbolizes the beginning of new life as well as January does. 
  • People with February birthdays prefer primrose and violet flowers.
  • For persons born in March yellow flowers like jonquil are the best option.
  • Observe April birthdays with purple flowers.
  • People born in May commemorate their birthdays with white flowers like hawthorn or lily of valley.
  • June birthdays are celebrated with red and pink plants such as rose and honeysuckle.
  • Larkspur and water lilies are appropriate for July birthdays.
  • Gladiolus and poppies are the best floral gift for persons born in August.
  • Use pink species of morning glory and aster for September birthdays.
  • October is a great time for all shades of orange and yellow, and calendulas are the best choice for birthday bouquets.
  • Celebrate November birthdays with yellow chrysanthemums.
  • White and yellow are common birthday colors in December, this month you can use daffodils for bouquets.

Birthday flowers

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