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Indicate where and when the flowers should be delivered. Pay for the order. After we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS. Order by 2pm British time if you need it delivered on the same day.

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How to Send Beautiful Flowers to the UK

Know someone who needs a stunning floral arrangement sent to them in the UK? The beautiful and historic countries of the UK – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – are home to famed archaic monuments, pubs, castles, literary geniuses of bygone eras, and rustic cuisine. They might also be home to someone special in your life…someone who could use a welcoming flower delivery to brighten their day.

You don’t need to be in the UK to show those you care about how you feel. You can send flowers to the UK through My Global Flowers.

What choices of flowers do I have to send to the UK?

There are so many beautiful and fresh flowers to choose from with My Global Flowers. You can brighten someone’s day in the UK by choosing your flower delivery by color. There are white, pink, red, orange, blue, purple, and yellow flowers to select. Or you can also have a floral arrangement made with multi-colored flowers and more. Another option you have with My Global Flowers is to send flowers to the UK by type like lilies, roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, irises, orchids, and much more.

Where in the UK does My Global Flowers deliver?

Whether it’s the rolling Scottish hills in the countryside or the busy city of London proper, My Global Flowers can deliver your flower delivery to a loved one or business associate in the UK. As long as you have the address for their home, office, or even the hospital they’re staying at where they could use beautiful flowers to cheer them up, My Global Flowers will deliver your flower selections fresh and on time anywhere in the UK.

What if I want to send other gifts with those flowers?

My Global Flowers loves to help make brighter days for everyone, which is why they offer a selection of special gifts to choose from too. There are many options you can customize your flower delivery with. Add on a decorative vase, or choose gourmet chocolates and candies, fresh fruits, teddy bears, and other sweet items to really show how you feel to someone in the UK no matter where you are.

How do I know it’s a good time to send someone in the UK flowers?

You really don’t need to have a reason to send flowers to someone you care for in the UK. Many people will do so for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Others will send them to say thank you to a client; congratulations for a graduation, the birth of a new baby, or a promotion; or to express condolences for a loss. Other times, people just send them for no reason other than to surprise someone they care about.

Who should I send flowers to?

Flowers aren’t just for women, though moms, grandmas, aunts, wives, nieces, and sisters will surely adore them. You can send My Global Flowers to deliver floral bouquets to brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews, and sons too. They’re great for welcoming new clients to your roster or for thanking people who have shown you hospitality while you were visiting the UK.

How fast can I expect delivery?

My Global Flowers can get your flower delivery to the UK the same day. Order any time of day, any day and the flowers you choose will be freshly-selected and sent out urgently. While it’s best to plan ahead, it’s certainly nice to know that if you forgot your wife’s anniversary while you were traveling, or your mom lives in the UK and you want to surprise her for her birthday, you can do so with complete confidence, security, and ease by choosing My Global Flowers.

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