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How to sign up on


How do I order?
How do I edit my order?
Will my bouquet look exactly like the photo?
Can I order a customize bouquet?
Can I have a photo of the recipient with my bouquet?
Will my private information be kept secure and confidential? Is my data protected?


What are your payment options?
Why do it take so long for you to receive my payment? / My payment still hasn’t arrived
May I pay in euros or another currency other than US dollars?


How fast you will deliver my order?
Do you contact the recipient before the delivery? What if the recipient won’t be available when the courier arrives?
What countries do you deliver to?
Can you make delivery outside of office hours or overnight?
Can you make delivery to a remote town that is not on your delivery list?
What is your delivery guarantee?


How to sign in to your account
What if I lost or forgot my password?

Discounts And Bonus Program

Do you have a discount system?
How do I use my bonus points?

Business Partnership

How to start business cooperation?

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