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Username and password will be sent to you automatically in an e-mail after you have completed your order.


It is quick and easy to place an order for our website:

1. Choose a delivery city;

2. Choose a bouquet;

3. Click «Add to cart» and fulfill the delivery form;

4. Enter your contact information;

5. Pay for the order.

We’ll be happy to help you make an order. Contact us by phone +442045773804 (London, UK).

Any urgent changes which need to be made to an order can only be done before the order goes into processing. Once an order is updated to processing, all details are locked and we no longer have any access to make changes. To edit your order contact us by phone +442045773804 (London, UK) or by e-mail [email protected]
All our bouquets are hand-arranged, so there can be some little differences. If local florists won’t have the exact flowers, we’ll offer you to replace them with similar flowers.
Yes. Just contact us and send us a photo or a description of the bouquet, and we’ll contact you back to discuss the details.
According to the national laws, this service is unavailable in many countries. In some cities we can grant you a photo of the bouquet before the delivery. Contact us via e-mail [email protected] for the details.
This is an important question and our priority is to ensure the privacy of our customers and safety of payment. All your private information will be kept in the strictest confidence. We use only highly secure exchange of data protocols (SSL) to transmit the data to the payment systems. We don’t keep any personal data on our website. Also we never pass or sale your private information to anyone.


You can pay for the order via one of the following payment methods:

  • On our website: https://myglobalflowers.com/payment
  • By card (we accept MasterCard, Visa and Maestro);
  • By PayPal;
  • For corporate orders we accept payments on our bank account.
  • Still got questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us by phone +442045773804 (London, UK).

    1. You’ve paid for the order via PayPal. This online payment system can stop your payment transfer for verification. Then your money will be either returned to your account, or comes to our account.

    2. When transferring funds through a Bank operator, the payment will be credited to our account within 3 working days.

    Only representatives of the payment system are competent to answer any questions about the payment delays.

    We accept american, canadian, australian dollars and euros. You can also pay by your credit card or use Paypal.


    The minimum delivery time of the bouquet depends on the city. You can see the minimum delivery time by selecting the city and the desired bouquet on our website and going to the cart. We offer same-day delivery, next-day delivery and delivery on any date you like. During the holidays (st. Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Christmas and New Year) the delivery time naturally increases, so we suggest to make orders for holidays in advance.

    We have 2 types of delivery from which you can choose:

    1. Preliminary call delivery

    We contact the recipient to reconcile convenient delivery time and place. We do not mention flowers during the call.

    2. You can specify where the florist can leave your order if the recipient won’t be available (at the reception, at the neighbors, etc).

    We can deliver your order to any country meant in the list on our website. If you need to deliver a bouquet to a country that is not in the list, please contact us by phone +442035142981 (London, UK).
    Yes, we can make delivery outside of office hours. In some cities overnight delivery is available. You can specify overnight delivery cost in the product card or contact our managers by phone +442045773804 (London, UK) or by e-mail [email protected]
    Can you make delivery to a remote town that is not on your delivery list?
    We deliver to most locations worldwide. You can specify delivery terms and cost by phone phone +442045773804 (London, UK) or by e-mail [email protected]
    We guarantee accurate and timely delivery. Right after delivery you’ll get e-mail delivery notification.


    Hit the «Account» button in the upper right corner on the Myglobalflowers.com main page to sign in.

    1. Enter Myglobalflowers.com;

    2. Hit the «Account» button;

    3. Enter your username/e-mail/phone;

    4. Hit «Forgot your password?» button;

    5. You'll receive an email containing new automatically created password.

    Discounts And Bonus Program

    In addition to daily discounts we also have bonus program for our customers. The amount of bonus points awarded is calculated as 3% of each order total cost and can be used to pay up to 50% of the cost of your future orders.
    If you have bonus points in your account, you will be asked during the course of making your order how many bonus points you wish to use. You can choose to use any amount of your available bonus points to pay up to 50% of the total cost of your order.

    Business Partnership

    All offers of cooperation you can send to our e-mail [email protected]. Within 48 hours you will be contacted by a personal manager to discuss the details of the cooperation.

    Do you have any questions? Contact us [email protected]

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