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How to take care of your bouquet?

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#1 Remove the packaging
#2 Prepare the vase#3 Use clean water#4 Remove the leaves#5 Prune the stems#6 Change the water daily#7 Use a cold bath#8 Place the bouquet correctly

It’s always nice to receive a bouquet, isn’t it? Do you want the flowers to stay fresh longer? We know how to do it.

#1 Remove the packaging

A beautiful bouquet design is half of its beauty. But when the composition is handed over, the packaging must be removed so you can take care of them properly. Remove all ribbons, film and paper.

#2 Prepare the vase

A clean and disinfected vase is the main condition for a long-lasting bouquet. Because most often flowers decay precisely because of bacteria trapped in drinking vessels. Thoroughly wash the vase from dust and dirt.

#3 Use clean water

Bacteria in water are just as destructive as in a vase. Use only clean or filtered cold water, adding a few drops of a Domestos type disinfectant to it. Don't worry, it won't hurt the flowers.

#4 Remove the leaves

Everything that will be under water will rot. To avoid it, clean the stem from excess leaves.

#5 Prune the stems

The vessels in the stem quickly become clogged, and the flower loses its ability to absorb water. Before putting the flowers in a vase, cut each with a sharp knife at an angle of no more than 45°. The longer the cut, the better the flower will drink.

For plants with thick and stiff stems, we recommend making an additional vertical incision.

Always make a cut above the articulation of the stem;

The knife must be clean;

Never prune the stems with scissors — it crushes the vessels.

#6 Change the water daily

This simple rule significantly prolongs the life of your bouquet. Do not forget to change the water every day and refresh the cut of each flower.

#7 Use a cold bath

If you notice the first signs of wilting, prune the flowers and leave them overnight in a clean bath with very cold water. In the morning they will be noticeably fresher.

#8 Place the bouquet correctly

Keep your flowers away from heaters, drafts, direct sunlight and ripe fruits.

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