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Bonus System

How the MyGlobalFlowers Bonus points system works

To take advantage of our bonus points system, just place an order!  For each order, we charge bonus points to your account in the amount of 3% to 5% of the purchase cost.

How to spend bonus points?

Bonus points can be spent in all our online stores. Using them, you can pay up to 50% of the total cost.

How to earn more bonus points?

When the total amount of your orders exceeds 200$, the cashback will increase to 4%. After increasing the total amount to 400$, you will receive a 5% cashback.

When are bonus points awarded?

The points will be added to your account immediately after successful delivery.

Will the bonus points return if I cancel an order?

After canceling an order, all points will be fully returned to your bonus account.

When do bonus points burn out?

In our bonus system, points last forever :)

How to pay with bonus points?

When placing an order, log in to your personal account and hit the button «Pay with points». The system will automatically deduct the available amount of points.

How to check the bonus points balance?

To check the balance of your bonus account, log in to your MyGlobalFlowers account. Bonuses will be displayed.

Bonus points have no cash value and may not be bartered, sold, or transferred.

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