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Flowers & Chocolate

The happiness of any occasion doubles when the gorgeousness of flowers combines with the sweetness of yummy chocolates. Whether it’s a birthday, romantic occasion or any other celebration, make it even more joyful and memorable with our flowers and chocolates delivery.

Top Interesting Facts About Flowers and Chocolates

Have you ever sent or had thoughts about sending flowers to your loved ones? Of course, sending flowers and chocolates, especially on Valentine's day, has become a favorite tradition in our world today, and more people are adopting the practice daily. Here is a brief story of how this tradition started: 

It is said that the act of sending flowers alongside other gift items is rooted in the celebration of love on Valentine's day. On its part, Valentine's day marks the celebration of an ancient Christian bishop's death. The bishop, whose name was Valentine, died on the 14th of February because he believed true love should not be hindered. Since then, the day has been marked out for celebrating true love across the world. 

Flowers are regarded as a symbol of love because they believed that they were one of Venus' favorite plants. The goddess of love regarded flowers as a plant that represents strong feelings and admiration. 

Finally, chocolates are attached to beautifully arranged bouquet gifts on Valentine's Day and other significant occasions where love is celebrated. This is because of their enjoyable taste and sweet nature. People who send flowers and chocolates often wish for their love story with the recipient to be as beautiful as the flowers and sweet as the chocolates they send. 

In essence, sending flowers and chocolates signifies admiration, deep love, and passion for the recipient of the gift. You can send this gift item to demonstrate your feelings and emotions for your lover or special people in your life. 

How to Send Flowers and Chocolates to Loved Ones Anywhere in the World 

Sometimes, we wish to express our love and appreciation to some special people in our lives, but certain factors restrict us. If this is your current situation because your loved one is currently out of the country, either temporarily or permanently, then you don't have to worry anymore; we have just the perfect solution for you! You can now send your love and best regards to your loved ones anywhere in the world in the form of flowers. Our international delivery services are 100% guaranteed to help you handle the delivery arrangements, such that the recipient gets a fresh flower at the best time. 

For more than ten years now, we have been delivering beautiful flowers to over 3500 cities worldwide. It does not matter your loved one's location; whether in the USA, Europe, Asia, and CIS countries, you can trust us to send them the best fresh just because flowers from local florists the same day you make your order! All you have to do is contact us now.

Why Flowers and Chocolates are the Perfect Gifts for All Occasions

Every day is another opportunity to celebrate love, the amazing people in our lives, and the outstanding bonds we share. As well, we are faced with several choices daily, concerning how best to celebrate our loved ones. Amongst all these choices, sending flowers and chocolates is the best option to go for. This is because the gesture will leave a long-lasting impression on the recipient, and they are sure to smile anytime they remember it. It will also help to strengthen your bond with them. 

Top Benefits of Using Our Flower Delivery Service

My global flowers are here to take care of any occasion that is important to you. You enjoy top quality same-day delivery when you shop with us. We will also keep you updated on your order; we will inform you when the flowers have been picked up from the florist and when it gets delivered to your loved one at no extra cost.


What do flowers and chocolate mean? 

Just as mentioned earlier, sending flowers and chocolates represents true love and admiration for the recipient. 

What is the cheapest way to send flowers and chocolates?  

At My Global Flowers, we offer the best and cheapest flower delivery services to suit your preferences and needs. 

How much does it cost to send flowers? 

Cost of flower delivery depends on several factors, including location, bouquet type, delivery nature, and others. Contact us now, and let's arrange the cheapest flower delivery for your situation. 

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