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Flower Festival Extra: Roses, Spray Roses and Carnations

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31 August 2019

Delivery arrived on time and made me happy with a beautiful flowers. If you’re still looking for the perfect flowers, don’t hesitate and order arrangement...

30 August 2019

Fantastic flowers and lasted a while. Arrangement "flower festival extra" is awesome!! such a beautiful flower!!!! Very pleased.

28 August 2019

The flowers are still fresh 7 days after the delivery. Arrangement "flower festival extra" is the most beautiful bouquet in its price range. The flowers

28 August 2019

The bouquet was even bigger than I've expected! Arrangement "flower festival extra" is gorgeous! Flowers are so fresh and smell so sweet! All was as promised,

28 August 2019

I love to order flowers with MyGlobalFlowers. One of the few who always arrive on time! Arrangement "flower festival extra" is a gift of the most refined

25 August 2019

I've bought flowers for someone who's really far from me, and I highly reccomended this service! The arrangement "flower festival extra" is made from decent...

24 August 2019

Nice service. The arrangement "flower festival extra" itself is breathtaking and I’ve received countless compliments. Best online flower store.

14 August 2019

Strongly recommend! We were all amazed with the beauty of the arrangement "flower festival extra" and the reasonable price. Gorgeous and breathtaking!

13 August 2019

Yesterday I've ordered a basket of flowers for todays babyshower party, and it is already here! OMG the flovers in arrangement "flower festival extra"

13 August 2019

Fantastic flowers and lasted a while. Arrangement "flower festival extra" is quite expensive, but these flowers are unforgettably beautiful! I was sceptical

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Vivid roses, colorful chrysanthemums, and delicate Peruvian lilies create an explosion of color. This bouquet is intended for any occasion. It will be a symbol of your celebration and bring a positive overtone to all of the festivities.

General characteristics
Type Bouquet
Occasion Anniversary
Width 40 cm
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