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What Is September's Birth Flower?

September… This month is still blessed with the sunshine and warmth of the summertime, while offering the best of autumn’s cheer. Crisp temperatures have not yet come, so many gorgeous flowers continue to bloom and delight the eye.

What Is The Birth Flower For September?

The Zodiac signs of those born in September are a Virgo and a Libra (for the birthdays falling after the 22nd). If you are September’s baby and curious what your birth flower is, then you are twice as happy because there are two official September birth flowers: Aster and Morning Glory.


Aster is considered September’s birth month flower. This wondrous, asterisk-shaped darling starts blooming at the end of summer and keeps this way throughout September. The bright stars of autumn, asters are sun-loving perennials that appear in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to produce admirable, mood-enhancing bouquets and arrangements.

Running the gamut of the color spectrum, asters can be white, red, yellow, pink, blue, and purple with all imaginable shades and overtones in between. Nectar-rich asters attract butterflies very much, especially Monarch butterflies who love to treat themselves during their autumn migration.

An elegant stem accentuated with a bright, generously-petalled head is a reason why Aster is often confused with fascinating daisies. The beauty of daisies is undeniable, but they still cannot boast of the same rich color palette as the asters.

Asters are native to North America but also grow happily across Europe and Asia, and there are nearly 250 species of this amazing flower.

Aster Meaning & Symbolism

The flower’s name comes from the Greek language and can be translated as “star”. The name is believed to be associated with the Greek goddess Astraea.

The legend says that the goddess was constantly crying because there were not enough stars in the sky. Her tears were falling to the ground, and aster flowers magically grew in the place where her tears dropped. Well, it is a good explanation of why asters are so divinely beautiful.

An interesting fact about asters is that they are associated with wisdom. A 2012 study found that people born in autumn are more likely to hit 100! It is safe to say that with a century under your belt, you certainly managed to amass some wisdom.

The birth flower for September has much symbolism behind it. This pretty thing symbolizes faithfulness, affection, achievement, and wisdom. Since asters are believed to have a divine origin, they are also expressions of charisma, wish-fulfillment, and success.

In fact, the meaning of Aster will be dictated by the color. Purple asters signify dignity and wisdom since purple clothes and jewelry were worn by the representatives of the royal family in Europe.

White asters convey purity, humility, innocence, and undying fidelity. They also signify new beginnings, which makes white asters a great floral gift for career promotions, graduations, and positive twists in life.

Pink asters represent care, affection, playfulness, and sensitivity, while red cuties send a message of intense romantic feelings.

Morning Glories

Morning Glory is September’s second birth flower and also the 11th wedding anniversary flower. The most romantic aspect about this darling is that it begins to bloom at the crack of dawn and dies by the end of the day.

Because of their fleeting life, morning glories represent undivided love or the true love that only happens once in a lifetime. The blooms also symbolize selflessness, affection, and recovery.

In Chinese folklore, these flowers represent one single day when two lovebirds can meet. The legend behind this states that when a boy and a girl fell in love and could not fulfill their domestic duties, the gods were so furious that they decided to separate them on opposite banks of the Silver River, so that lovers could meet only one day a year.

Morning Glory appears in many lovely colors, including white, blue, yellow, purple, and red. White flowers denote purity and innocence, while red buds symbolize a strong heart and passion. 

Pink morning glory symbolizes romance, tender feelings, and thoughtfulness. The pink morning glory flower can be gifted to anyone, including a close family member or friend.

Other In-Season September Flowers

Asters and morning glories are not the only species that blossom in September. The first month of autumn is very generous when it comes to providing the world with stunning flowers and ornamental plants. The most popular picks for a September floral arrangement include:

·  Cosmos. Along with the ability to give your garden a solid colorful boost, fabulous cosmos are also used as cut flowers for bouquets and floral designs. These annual ornamentals emerge in a variety of hues, including rosy, white, and orange, purple to name a few. Cosmos flowers convey the meanings of love, harmony, well-being, and simply all things good.

·  Hydrangea is another flower that looks its best in September. Valued for their lush flower heads, eye-catching coloration, and overall appeal, hydrangeas have always been a favorite choice for different types of floral arrangements. These flowers signify beauty, confidence, and gratitude, which is why hydrangeas are the desired ornamental for decorating weddings and romantic celebrations.

·  Dahlias. The ephemeral beauty of dahlias is hard to resist, which is why these sweet little things are often used to enhance home and venue interiors. The unrivaled aesthetics of dahlias is also the reason why it is the National Flower of Mexico. These magnificent blooms are associated with grace, high morale, creativity, and adventurousness.  

Whether you want to express your best wishes to a September birthday guy or gal, congratulate someone on their achievements, or just decide to surprise your loved one without a particular reason, sending them a luxurious bouquet is a great way to show how much you care.

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