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August Birth Flowers

August is the last blast of sunshine in summer. It is the last sparkling month that is filled with happiness and joy before the autumn strikes, and we all wallow in work or school mundanity. So, follow your passions, have fun, enjoy the sunlight and warmth of the summer's last stand. 

And, if a person that means much to you is celebrating their birthday in the fall of summer, a good gesture of your appreciation will be a beautiful bouquet of August birth flower stems. If you have no idea of the August birth flower, our guide is to clue you in. 

Learn about the August month birth flowers and find inspiration for the August birthday gift for your cherished people. 

August Birth Flower: The Gladiolus Flower

The wondrous month of August is represented by the equally wondrous flower of Gladiolus. These bright, colorful, attention-arresting buds fully capture the essence of the outgoing season. 

Gladiolus and cheerfulness are almost synonyms. Available in a diversity of admirable colors and overtones, the birth flower of August belongs to the marvelous iris family. 

This sward-like darling is also called gladiola and happily grows throughout Europe, the African Continent, Asia, and the Mediterranean area. With its unrivaled aesthetics, Gladiolus is a popular choice for cut flowers and garden ornamentals.  

As for its physical appearance, the August birth flower presents a tall flowering spike that grows from a bulb and can reach a height of nearly one meter. The plant is awash with multiple funnel-shaped flowerets, all grouped on one side of the stem, each floweret consisting of six petals. 

Leaves are quite scant, sharp, and resemble the cutting edge of a knife. The similarity of gladiolus leaves with the blade explains why the August birth flower is nicknamed “sword lily”. 

Gladiolus is one of the exceptional flowers that spoil you with the richness of its color palette. These cute babies are available in all delightful colors imaginable, including white, yellow, pink, lavender, red, scarlet, purple, and even greenish. Along with being divinely gorgeous, this August flower is also low-maintenance. Just plant the bulb in spring, and you will behold stunning blooms in late summer.

Gladiolus History and Name Origin

In the Latin language, the word “gladius” can be translated as “sword”. The ancient Romans considered Gladiolus the flower of gladiators. According to legend, the cruel Roman commander captured the Thracian soldiers Sevt and Teres and ordered them to fight against one another, promising that the winner would be released. Many curious townspeople gathered to see this cruel show. However, they did not see what they wanted: instead of rushing into a fight, Sevt and Teres thrust their swords into the ground and hugged each other tightly, prepared for death. The disappointed crowd demanded the death penalty for the two friends. But as soon as the bodies of the killed warriors fell to the ground, their swords took roots and turned into amazing gladioli. That is why Gladiolus symbolizes friendship, loyalty, commitment, honor, and moral strength.

So when you give someone special a bouquet arranged of striking gladioli, your gesture means that your heart is pierced with love and affection. How romantic! 

Meanings of Gladiolus as August Birth Flower

Speaking louder than words, flowers enhance the giver’s message with a pleasant scent and natural beauty. The astonishing flower of Gladiolus has many beautiful meanings, allowing you to convey all the best wishes to the recipient. 

The official August birth flower represents the strength of character, nobility, invincibility, and moral eminence. The blooms also symbolize infatuation and remembrance, which makes Gladiolus a perfect floral gift for the 40th anniversary. 

Along with these meanings, the August birth flower symbolizes some other things, depending on its color:

• Red gladiolus symbolizes love.

• Pink gladiolus is a symbol of compassion.

• White gladiolus signifies innocence.

Yellow gladiolus symbolizes a fine fettle and mirth.

• Violet gladiolus symbolizes attractiveness, charisma, and grace.

Poppy: The Other August Birth Flower

Individuals that are celebrating their birthdays in August are blessed with one more birth flower, apart from the noble Gladiolus, and it also has its unique significance and beauty. Yes, it is all about fascinating and life-asserting poppies.

The Poppy is August’s second official flower and is incredibly bright and well-spread. Thanks to their distinctive appearance, poppies are often used for landscape design. These astonishing flowers naturally appear in three main colors: yellow, white, and red. The seeds of this legendary plant are edible and used in a variety of spheres, including medicine and culinary art. 

The red poppy flowers traditionally symbolize remembrance. In Asian culture, the red poppy blooms are a popular wedding gift, expressing the wishes of passion and love to the newlyweds. The white poppies are generally given as sympathy flowers. The ruby-colored buds represent happiness and vitality, and yellow poppies represent wealth and overall respect.

In mythology, poppies were associated with rest and sleep. A more recent reference to this connection can be found in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her friends slept tightly in a magical field of poppies. This was probably due to the medicinal properties of Papaver somniferum, a type of poppy that is used for opium production. 

Other Popular Flowers That Bloom in August

Despite summer is coming to an end, and we all return to a faster pace of life that primarily revolves around school and work, August is a great month just because it is the period when many tantalizing flowers go into blossom. 

Along with August birth flowers that are gladioli and poppies, you can add many other fabulous stems to the congratulatory bouquet to put even a broader smile on the recipient’s face. Flowers to pick in August include Peruvian lilies, Dahlias, Zinnias, Asters, Camellias, and Chrysanthemum to name a few of many.

If you want to steal WOW from the lips of your August birthday gal or guy, our assortment contains hundreds of types of luxury flowers to help you create a lovely and meaningful floral gift. We stock only the most vibrant blooms at their freshest to craft delightful arrangements for your dear people when they have a date to celebrate or just deserve a token of your attention.

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