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Birthday wishes for kids

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Your child's birthday is coming soon and you want the holiday to be special, so that your son or daughter will remember this day for a long time? Trust us, it is not necessary to invite animators from an agency or spend tons of money in a restaurant. A fun, original, memorable children's birthday can be spent at home. Parents are quite able to cope with the organization and conduct of a children's party themselves. The most important thing you will need is time to plan and prepare everything in advance.

To create a festive mood for child and his little guests, it is necessary to decorate the apartment. Of course, you will need a bunch of bright and colorful balloons. It's great if you can inflate it with helium. By the way: balloons can be easily transformed into dinosaurs, fishes, or any other creature you like with a little help of thick colored paper, glue and scotch tape.

Children love to dance! Prepare a playlist and create a little dance floor in your living room. You can also turn a dance party into a game: for example, ask children to «freeze» in a funny pose when you’ll put the music on pause.

Prepare a little gifts for guests: toys, sweets, children's jewelry, candy wristwatches, hairpins, small cars or dolls, stickers, shells, beautiful stones, balloons, fancy pens or pencils, magnets, cookies, candies etc. Not only the gift itself is important, but also the packaging. Add a little personalized «thank you» card and a balloon to each gift. 

Kids birthday wishes

For a child, the day of his birthday is really a very special and long-awaited day! This is an opportunity for the kid to feel unique and important for those who love him. So prepare a nice birthday quote for your child to make this big day memorable. We know how hard it may seem to find a right words to congratulate a child, but do not worry! That doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent — you just need a little inspiration and we are happy to help you with these happy birthday quotes for kids.


You amaze everyone with the new things you keep doing. The world is waiting to see your wonders. Happy birthday, smarty!

Crazy and fabulous. That’s you! And on your birthday I wish your life is filled with crazy adventures. Happy birthday!

Enjoy the sweet and warm birthday wishes coming your way. Have an awesome birthday!

Happy birthday to the happy little star of the family!

Don’t count the candles, see the light which they give. Hope your life is always filled with light and positivity. Happy birthday!

You are a blessing and inspiration to many! Keep spreading the positivity wherever you go. Happy birthday!

May a bucket full of happiness come your way. Have an amazing birthday.

Blow the candle and say a prayer. Angels will protect you forever. Happy birthday!

Are you ready to celebrate with your friends and eat delicious birthday treats till your stomach hurts? Have a blast on your birthday.

Set new goals on your birthday and strive hard to achieve them in the coming year. Birthdays are the best time for new beginnings. Have a very happy birthday!

Little champ we love to see you win. On your birthday, I wish you stay blessed always. Happy birthday!

Confetti, glitter, and balloons add to your birthday madness. May you have a fantastic year of celebration. Happy birthday!

You illuminate our lives in a million ways. Your smiles make each day brighter. Happy birthday to the sunshine of our lives.

On your birthday, we wish you are blessed today, tomorrow and always. Happy birthday!

On your birthday, wish you a lifelong supply of candies and twinkling smiles. Happy birthday!

Small in size, Big in wonders. Happy birthday to the genius kid. May you accomplish greater heights in life.

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some are gentle and kind as you. On your birthday, I wish you to spread your kindness wherever you go. Happy birthday!

As you blow out every candle on your birthday cake, I wish all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!

Sing and dance in joy because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, cutie!

Waffles and pancake, loads of memories to make. Have a fabulous party on your birthday. Happy birthday, kid!

Play in mud and get soaked in the sun. Childhood days are the best days of your entire life. Make crazy memories every single day. Happy birthday!


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Birthday wishes for kid boy

Congratulating a boy on his birthday is not an easy task. Regardless his age, he may already feel like a man, and perhaps wants to be like his favorite superheroes. So, don’t forget to praise the qualities that are especially important to him: bravery, strength, wit and courage. And be sure to say that he is your little hero. 

It is difficult to buy a birthday gift for a boy who deserves everything great in this world. Happy birthday, dearest!

He-Man, Batman, Superman were all little kids like you one day. Happy birthday to the most courageous boy I know.

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out? Happy birthday to the one and only unique boy in the town.

Wishing you a birthday filled with sugar candies and marshmallows. A very happy birthday to the sweetest little boy I know.

Happy birthday baby boy. On your special day, I wish nothing less than a bright and happy future for you.

May you be blessed with the best in everything, birthday boy. Happy birthday little kid.

Happy birthday to a very intelligent boy. Your brilliance will bring to you many accomplishments in the journey of life. Wishing you a great birthday.

On this day a little prince was born. And that handsome prince is you. Happy birthday, dearie!

May God shower his blessings on you today and every day of your life. Happy birthday baby boy!

Never ending love, pampering, and undivided attention are our gifts for you on your birthday. Happy birthday, dear son.

Wishing you all the glory and prosperity in life for your birthday. Happy birthday, my little boy.

Happy birthday to the future racing car champion. Fuel up the tanks till you grow up and get your license.

Happy birthday to the future superstar! One day you will become a global icon.

Congratulations on your big day! May God shower all his blessings on your birthday. Happy birthday!

Birthday greetings to a very special kid. Happy birthday, brave-heart.

Wishing the science genius a very Happy birthday. May your year be filled with lots of discoveries and inventions.

Reach beyond the stars, moon, and sky. Happy birthday, rockstar!

On your birthday I wish that you become the best version of yourself. Be self-competitive. Happy birthday, kiddo!

Be the change you want to see in the world. Happy birthday, hero!

Your kind heart makes you so special from the rest. Happy birthday, darling!

You have a tiny heart with lots of love and compassion for the needy. So blessed to have you in our lives. Happy birthday precious one!


Birthday wishes for kid girl

Taking care of our beloved daughters is the greatest pleasure in life, and all other achievements are nothing compared to the happiness of seeing them happy. On this special day tell her how much you treasure her and make her feel like a fairy-tale princess with our beautiful birthday wishes ideas.

Hey girl, did you know that your presence makes everything around so lovely and special? You probably have some magical powers! Congratulations, enchantress!

You are sugar and spice. And everything nice. On your birthday I wish you twice. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!!

On your special day wishing you an abundance of laughter, sunshine, and blessings. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the smartest girl in town.

Wishing a very joyous birthday to the Barbie kid. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the bravest girl I know. You are an absolute superhero.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who gets treats of them all? You! Because it’s your birthday! Enjoy all the candies and delicious birthday treats on your special day. Happy birthday!

Billions of kisses to the most beautiful birthday girl. Happy birthday!

You are a girl blessed with truckloads of creativity and talent. Happy birthday little princess. Shine on!

Explore. Learn. Discover. And do everything you want to! A very special happy birthday to the curious mind.

Tutus and tiaras add so much to your cuteness. On your birthday, I wish you get a closet full of them. Happy birthday baby girl.

Happy birthday to the most adorable little girl. Have lots of fun on your special day.

Sweeter than candies and more precious than a pearl. Happy birthday to a lovely birthday girl.

Wear a pretty dress and put on those shiny shoes. Let your hair loose and party hard on your birthday. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, sunshine! Shine brighter than the sun, moon and the stars on your birthday.

Dear little princess, may you have a fun-filled birthday. Happy birthday to our darling angel.

Happy birthday to the shining little star. Have a birthday full of surprises, laughter, and merry memories.

May your birthday be filled with rainbows and unicorns. Happy birthday, doll.

Happy birthday to a brilliant girl. You are so wonderful and magnificent.

Best wishes to a very pretty girl on her birthday. Happy birthday!

Cake and toffees, balloons and more, you are the birthday girl that I adore. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

It’s your day to shine like a Barbie. Have an amazing birthday!


We believe that flowers are not just for adult! Receiving flowers is fun, and kids will surely appreciate a nice, colorful and fragrant gift of beautiful flowers too. Even if you can’t congratulate your dear child in person, you can always order them a wonderful bouquet with a tender teddy bear and sweet mouthwatering birthday cake!

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