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Cultural Essence & Features of Flower Gifts in the Philippines

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Symbols and Flowers That Represent a NationNative flowers of the PhilippinesFlower Giving in the PhilippinesEvents and Conventional Blooms for the PhilippinesCustoms and Celebrations of FlowersLocations in the Philippines to Enjoy BloomsFlower Gifts in the Philippines FAQ

In Filipino society, the act of gifting flowers is greatly esteemed and important. Flowers are not just decorations, they symbolize love, respect, and tradition. In Filipino culture, flowers are of great importance, whether they are used to celebrate a joyous occasion or to express sympathy. This tradition is closely connected to the country's symbols, native flora, and various customs.

Symbols and Flowers That Represent a Nation

Symbols Representing the Philippines

The Philippines is abundant with symbolism, with its flag holding great importance as a symbol. The color blue on the flag represents peace and justice, while the red part symbolizes patriotism and valor, and the white triangle signifies equality.

The three stars represent Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the sun with its eight rays represents the first eight provinces that fought for independence from Spain.

Just as important is the Sampaguita (Jasminum Sambac), the national flower. This tiny, white, sweet-smelling flower represents purity, simplicity, and humility. It reflects the humble yet deep essence of Filipino culture. Sampaguita garlands are commonly utilized in religious ceremonies and offerings, highlighting their profound spiritual significance.

Native flowers of the Philippines

The Philippines has a lot of different flower types. Each one has a sweet story from the past. These flowers are some of the most interesting ones in the area:

  • As the "Queen of Philippine Orchids," Waling-Waling (Vanda sanderiana) is a flower that is famous for being very rare and very beautiful.
  • The Ylang-Ylang flower, Cananga odorata, is known for having very sweet flowers. Essential oils and traditional smells use it a lot.

These flowers from the Philippines not only make the scenery look better, but they also show how different the country is.

Flower Giving in the Philippines

In Filipino culture, sending flowers is a strong way to talk to someone. Feelings that words can't say are shown through them. Sending flowers is a lovely way to show love, respect, gratitude, and understanding. As for how different flowers make you feel, the Sampaguita's soft scent makes it perfect for honest actions. Roses are a popular choice for expressing love and admiration; Orchids represent sophistication and are commonly used to show deep respect and admiration.

When giving flowers as a gift in the Philippines, it's important to follow the rules. It's important to be careful and think about the situation when you give flowers. Because you want to show respect, you should use both hands when you give flowers to an older person.

People choose certain flowers for different events. For example, white flowers are used at funerals to reflect purity and endless life, while bright blooms are used for parties.

Events and Conventional Blooms for the Philippines

Celebrating Life's Milestones

A bright bouquet of vibrant flowers is a traditional way to celebrate a birthday in the Philippines. A lot of people pick sunflowers and gerberas because they make people feel good. These bright flowers are a great addition to birthday parties and a great way to show how happy the event is.

Ceremony for marriage

Filipinos put a lot of value on weddings because they reflect love, togetherness, and new beginnings. Roses and daisies are often used in weddings and play an important part in the event. Roses are often used to show love and desire. And daisies stand for youth and purity. With their romantic and classy look, these flowers add a bit of elegance to wedding venues, bouquets, and table centerpieces.


Funerals are serious events where flowers are used to show sympathy and pay tribute to the memory of the deceased. White Lilies and Chrysanthemums are frequently selected for their representations of purity, peace, and memory. These peaceful flowers provide solace to mourning families and honor the memory of the departed.

Customs and Celebrations of Flowers

In the Philippines, lively fiestas and customs revolve around the important element of flowers. Flores de Mayo is a festival honoring the Virgin Mary. It usually takes place in May, and lasts for an entire month. During this period, everyone can admire towns decorated in beautiful flowers. The Flower Festival in Baguio, also called the Panagbenga Festival, displays the area's wealth of flowers through parades and flower-filled floats.

Traditional customs also make use of flowers very frequently. In religious events, Sampaguita flowers are used to honor gods. The fact that this custom exists shows how deeply Filipinos feel and understand flowers.

Locations in the Philippines to Enjoy Blooms

People can enjoy the beauty of flowers in many fields and parks in the Philippines.

  • The Quezon Memorial Circle in Manila is more than just a place to learn about history. Yes, it's also a great place for people who love flowers. Tourists can walk through fields full of traditional Filipino flowers and enjoy the plants' bright colors and nice smells.
  • La Mesa Ecopark is another great place in Manila to get away from the noise and chaos of the city. This place has a lot of local flowers that people can find. It has green scenery and twisting paths. The Ecopark is one of the best places to see the beauty of plants that grow in the Philippines. Here everyone can admire delicate orchids to vibrant tropical blooms.
  • Banaue Rice Terraces, located in the Cordillera region, is a place with stunning natural landscapes decorated with native plants. Terraces of this place are filled with the bright colors of traditional crops and wildflowers, creating a lively atmosphere. It is a captivating view that showcases the strong bond between Filipino culture and nature.

Giving flowers is more than simply a lovely gesture for Filipinos; it holds great cultural significance. Facilitates the expression of intense emotions, strengthens ties, and preserves the cultural heritage of the nation. By presenting flowers, Filipinos ensure that their traditions and culture are preserved. They also take measures to ensure that these kind deeds are carried on from one age to another.

Flower Gifts in the Philippines FAQ

What does it mean to give flowers as a gift in Filipino culture?

In the Philippines, giving flowers as a gift is more than just a pleasing sight; it shows love, respect, and tradition. People send flowers to enjoy positive events, show sorrow, and say things that words can't say.

 What are some of the most typical flowers given as gifts in the Philippines?

Orchids, roses, and the Sampaguita are among the traditional flowers of the Philippines. Orchids stand for grace and reverence, sampaguita for innocence and simplicity, and roses for love and adoration.

 How important is it to follow the rules when giving flowers in the Philippines?

When giving flowers in the Philippines, it's important to follow the right manners to show respect and awareness of the event. As a sign of respect, you should give flowers to older people with both hands. Also, different flowers are used for different occasions, like white flowers for funerals and bright blooms for parties.

 When do people in the Philippines usually give each other flowers?

Birthdays, marriages, and funerals are just a few of the many Filipino events that call for the exchange of flowers. Roses and daisies represent love and fresh beginnings at weddings, while gerberas and sunflowers are popular options for birthdays because of their colorful and joyful nature. White lilies and chrysanthemums are traditional funeral flowers that convey condolences and honor the deceased.

 In the Philippines, where can tourists see native Filipino flowers?

In Manila, the Quezon Memorial Circle and La Mesa Ecopark have lush grounds with native plants that let visitors enjoy the beauty of traditional Filipino flowers. Filipinos have a strong cultural link to nature, which can be seen in places like the Banaue Rice Terraces, which have stunning displays of native flowers during planting and harvest times.

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