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July Birth Flowers: What is the flower for the month of July?

31.08.2021 13118 Updated 06.06.2024

July is a very special time of the year. It is the peak of summer, children enjoy their vacation from school, festivals and social events are plentiful, nights are starry and pleasantly warm… But the best thing about July is that many gorgeous buds come into blossom exactly in the middle of the summertime.

If your friend, relative, or special someone celebrates their birthday in July, sending them a beautiful bouquet made of their birth month flowers will make an utterly meaningful and appropriate gift. What is the July birth flower? If this question pops up in your head, keep reading to find out more about the birth flower of July and what this wondrous plant symbolizes.

July Birth Flower

The larkspur is the birth flower for July is. Larkspurs present tall flower spikes and appear in many vibrant shades of blue and violet. Very often, larkspurs are confused with delphiniums, but they are two different plants, though look pretty identical and both belong to the Ranunculus botanical family. The larkspur (Consolida spp.) is an annual plant, while the delphinium (Delphiniums spp.) is a perennial.

Morphologically, the larkspur differs from the delphinium in that its two upper petals are combined into one and two lower petals are absent. But this distinction is hardly visible to the naked eye.

With hundreds of lovely tiny buds clustered on a single stem that sweeps dramatically up as if trying to touch the sky, the larkspur makes a stunning addition to any flower arrangement for a July birthday celebrant.

Extremely unfussy, low-maintenance creatures, larkspurs can grow into a delightful bloom right from seed and effortlessly replant themselves year after year, which explains why they are a popular choice for cottage gardens. This beauteous species can reach a height of 1-3 feet, so you will easily spot larkspurs when you are walking in a city park. With airy stalks of bluish blossoms, larkspurs never fail to produce admirable cut flowers for someone celebrating their birthday in July.

The Larkspur Name Origin and Mythology

An unusual, spike-like appearance is not the only curious fact about the larkspur. This magnificent ornamental plant also has several funny nicknames including the lark’s heel, the lark’s toe, and the lark’s claw. The thing is the flower’s petals look like the claws of the skylark, which is the reason why this July birth flower is dubbed so.

As for the mythological veil around the larkspur, Greek legend says that the mother of Achilles asked to give the armor of her son Achilles to the most audacious warrior during the Battle for Troy. Contrary to the expectations of the brave and strong warrior Ajax the Great, the armor was handed over to Ulysses. Unable to bear that shame, Ajax pierced himself with his sword, and the drops of his blood that fell on the ground turned into larkspur sprouts.

Larkspurs grow natively throughout the North American continent, and Native American tribes produced blue dyes from the petals of this flower.

During the Victorian era, the Larkspur was believed to have a magical power to fend off evil spirits. People planted these flowers near the entrance door to protect their homes against demons.

No one knows for sure how it came that the larkspur was declared the official July birth flower. Perhaps, this is so because larkspurs are in full bloom exactly in July and readily available for fresh bouquets throughout this period. This application of the larkspur can be explained but the toxicity of all its parts to humans and animals.

Symbolism and Color Meanings of the Larkspur

The flower-packed stems of the larkspur are associated with love, romantic mood, mirth, and optimism. Still, as Larkspurs come in a broad range of intense colors including indigo, purple, and rosy, the true meaning of the July birth flower will depend on its coloration.

·        Blue flowers are the symbol of mercifulness and respectability.

·        Pink larkspurs symbolize a dynamic nature and quick changes. In the language of flowers, the pink color holds the meaning of love, affection, and care and is used to express your deep feelings and appreciation.

·        Purple larkspur flowers are a sign of first love. Purple also traditionally symbolizes royalty, power, strength, and aspiration. Happy birthday flower arrangements with purple larkspurs carry so much meaning.

·        White blooms represent happiness, delight, youth, and a can-do attitude to life. 

Water Lily as another Birth Flower for July

The selection of July birth flowers is not limited to only the larkspur. The water lily is also strongly associated with this summer month. Found in tropical and mild climate zones, this exotic darling comes in various shapes and sizes, varying from itty-bitty buds to unbelievably huge water lilies.

A true wonder of nature, the water lily is a significant plant in many cultures, but it mainly symbolizes rebirth, mental transformation, creation, rejuvenation, and purity. Since fascinating water lilies often grow in dirty marshes, they are also symbolic of personal advancement and enlightenment. Given their ethereal beauty and generous symbolism, water lilies make the perfect floral gift for persons born in July. They are especially desirable gifts for a person who is fond of gardening or has a pond in the yard.

Other Appropriate Flowers for Birthdays in July

There are more than two flowers that are suitable for a July birthday gal or guy. Here are a few marvelous examples.  


These cute darlings are exceedingly beautiful, tender, and unrepeatable blooms. These divine flowers emerge in various colors and shades, depending on the species, so that bouquet design ideas with them tend to infinity. Orchids hold a meaning of wealth, love, inspiration, and attractiveness.


Hydrangeas are favorite staples both in gardens and flower stores because of their impressive buds. Hydrangeas are common participants in sumptuous bouquets for such grandiose celebrations as a wedding, birthday, and graduation. Coming in dozens of vibrant colors, including blue, violet, white, and red, Hydrangeas carry the meaning of beauty, devotion, gratitude, and inspiration.


Is there any plant that can compete with the sunflower in terms of cheerfulness? Excessively bright and vivacious, sunflowers can be both big and small, and they never fail to bring tons of positive emotions to an occasion. The meaning behind sunflowers is truly deep as they represent health, freshness, joy, and admiration.

If you would like to order a fantastical flower arrangement for someone celebrating their birthday at the peak of summer, My Global Flowers offers a rich selection of happy birthday bouquets composed of the official July birth flowers – sensational larkspurs and charming water lilies. Browse our collection of exquisite floral arrangements and find an ideal gift for the upcoming celebration.

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