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December Birth Flowers

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Narcissus (Paperwhite)HollyPoinsettia: Another December Birthday FlowerOther Popular In-Season Flowers in December

December is, perhaps, the most festive month of the year, encouraging us to appreciate the beauty of fallen snowflakes and cherry-pick Christmas gifts for those who matter. While we are looking to the New Year, someone has a good occasion to raise a toast to – yet another successful journey around the Sun Star.

If someone in your circle is celebrating their birthday in the first month of winter, sending them a meaningful bouquet of December birth flowers will brighten up their day and remind them of how much you care. Clueless about December birth flowers? We have your back with an immediate answer! The recognized December birth flowers are holly and narcissus (alternatively known as the paperwhite).

Narcissus (Paperwhite)

Belonging to the genus Narcissus (which also includes the daffodil), the paperwhite Narcissus is an iconic flower that blooms in winter, which explains why this cutie is considered December’s birth flower. Paperwhites abound with symbolism, being linked with good wishes, hope, respect, and prosperity – all those things we wish to a Birthday gal or guy! These gorgeous darlings also represent charisma, purity, and simplicity, all gently exhibited through their paper-thin fragrant petals.

Recognized by its trumpet shape, this charming flower emits a sweet scent during blooming. Narcissus flowers naturally appear in two colors (yellow and white), but several new hybrids were cultivated to produce more flairs of this divinely beautiful December birthday flower.

This delicate flower has a long tail of legends and lore behind it because even its name comes from Ancient Greece. According to the myth, Narcissus was the son of a Greek god and goddess, blessed with an extremely handsome appearance. Women fell victim to his attractiveness, but the man left his admirers heartbroken with unreciprocated love. As a punishment, Narcissus was cursed to forever look at his reflection in the lake, as a result of which he fell deeply in love with himself, died on the banks of the river, and was reborn as a lovely flower. That is why the Narcissus flower also has a meaning of rebirth and a new start. The Narcissus is often depicted as a sign of humility, respect, and even loyalty, evident in art and literature.

Narcissus Meanings and Symbolism

The symbolism of December’s birth flower Narcissus is as dramatic as a tale behind it. The predominant Narcissus colors are white and yellow, both having very strong positive associations. White epitomizes youthful innocence, kindness, understanding, faith, new beginnings, honesty, and just about anything good (good guys always wear white!).

Yellow brings all the beams of the sun, filling the world with cheer, clarity, optimism, and energy. By mixing two colors for a December birthday bouquet, you get a wonderful blend that symbolizes what all people crave – joy, love, and wellbeing.

In different cultures, the Narcissus carries different meanings:

·   According to the Victorian flower language, giving someone a Narcissus bloom means confessing that this person is the only one.

·   In Kurdish tradition, the Narcissus signifies the beginning of a new year.

·   In China, this precious flower indicates the Chinese New Year because it is one of the first flowers to herald the breaking of spring. It is also a symbol of prosperity and fortune in the coming year.

·   The Narcissus is often used as the emblem of cancer organizations as one of its meanings is hope.


A mere glance at vibrant holly berries makes everyone smile. It is hard to imagine a better Christmas setting when all family members and friends gather around the holly centerpiece. Not technically a flower, Holly is cherished in Christianity as the thorn of Christ because of its pointed leaves, while the dark red berries are a metaphor for the blood drops of God’s Son.

Holly Meanings and Symbolism

A popular staple in cold winter gardens, the holly plant definitely has what it takes to be December birth flower. Even though this plant has relatively inconspicuous flowers, it would be more correct to call it a December berry! Although its berries look their best during the winter months, a holly plant will produce tiny, fragrant flowers in spring to attract crowds of beneficial pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Holly is packed with symbolism. Along with being a sacred plant to Christians (who believe that the berries originally were white until Christ’s blood stained them to red, while the spiky leaves represent the crown of thorns), holly is also an epitome of protection and defense. This plant also holds a message of belief and optimism, making it an ideal gift to give to someone born in December.

Poinsettia: Another December Birthday Flower

The bright red Poinsettia is also in the league of December birthday flowers, and is widely used in Christmas decorations.

The Poinsettia is native to Mexico, but has made its way to the rest of the world, there are many cultivated varieties. Poinsettia is the national flower of Trinidad and Tobago (a country in the Caribbean Sea).

Named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico and amateur botanist who introduced the plant to the United States in 1825, Poinsettia is also nicknamed as the Mexican fire leaf, Winter Rose, and Christmas Star.

Although the ancient Aztecs considered this lovely bloom to be a symbol of purity, in the modern language of flowers, the red, white, or pink poinsettia flower, the December flower of birth, symbolizes cheerfulness and success and is believed to bring fun and positive vibes. 

Other Popular In-Season Flowers in December

While the first month of winter gives you a range of fascinating blooms to give to a December hero of the day, some other pretty flowers are in season during December.

·   Carnations. Being used by humans for nearly 2000 years, carnations abound with meaning and symbolism! These gorgeously fluffy flowers have stood the test of time and are still a favorite flower for many life occasions. Their light, sweet aroma and a broad range of colors make the carnation flower a delight for all senses. Their primary meanings include love, devotion, distinction, and fascination – the perfect set of wishes!

·   Gardenias. Some varieties of Gardenia thrive in winter, making them an appropriate floral gift for December-born babies. It symbolizes purity and gentleness. Another symbol of gardenia is the secret love between two people, as well as happiness and mirth. It also stands for pure attraction. This is a mystical flower associated with the power of being charismatic and alluring.

·   Tulips. These wondrous blooms are available year-round – thanks to technological advancements and global resourcing. Tulips are delightful in every respect, from their appearance to their meanings. A bunch of tulips will send a signal of perfect and deep love, while they can also represent rebirth, romance, cheerfulness, well-wishes, care, and affection – the perfect attributes to give as a December birthday bouquet.

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