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How to dry roses

08.11.2022 views 90
Tips of dryingThe best ways to dry rosesDried roses craftsHow to keep dried roses forever?

 Flowers are the most beautiful decoration of any home. And, undoubtedly, the best of flowers are roses. Plus, it's a great gift. But the blooming period of flowers is short. Is it worth it to be upset? Not! After all, its beauty can be preserved for many months, simply by drying the bouquet. And such flowers will look in the interior no worse than living ones, for a long time reminding of a warm summer or a pleasant moment.

Tips of drying

Firstly, let's talk about the basic rules for drying roses:
 • Only fresh flowers can be dried. Ideally, it should be cut on a sunny day, when there will not be a single drop of moisture from dew or rain on it. Otherwise, after drying, the color will fade and the probability of flower rotting is higher.
 • After cutting, the rose should be dried as soon as possible. It will be easier to put it to dry as a whole, because the petals still hold their shape.
 • If you already got cut flowers, you need to start drying it on the same day, because if it has been in the house for a couple of days, it will not dry out, but wither.
 • Choose healthy and strong flowers of rich color. Even slightly withered buds will look "dead" after drying, and if there are spots on the petals, they will darken altogether. The larger and brighter the rosebuds, the stronger the fragrance they have.
 • It is better to cut the bud with a margin of 2-3 cm of the stem so that this “leg” does not allow the flower to scatter, since it has a fragile base. The wire inserted into the stem will allow you not to touch the bud with your hands after drying, so it will not break and you can make a floral arrangement.

The best ways to dry roses

Air drying

  One of the easiest and most effective ways to dry a whole bouquet of roses. Drying requires a dark and dry room with good ventilation. So, pull a rope, but no closer than 15 cm to the ceiling. Cut off 1-3 pairs of lower leaves, depending on the length of the flower, shorten the stem a little and remove all thorns. Wrap each rose individually with twine. Tie a rose to a rope, attach with a clothespin or hang on a hook. The distance between the flowers should be not less than 5-10 cm, otherwise they may dry out ugly or rot.
  Drying usually lasts 14-20 days. At this time, check with a toothpick how dry the flowers are. The dried flower petals are hard and brittle to the touch. Do not forget to ventilate the room!

Fast drying

 If you need to dry the flower quickly, you can use a microwave oven. Be careful, as there is a risk of drying it out. Not fully opened bud with 2-3 cm part of the stem put in a closed container with a desiccant semolina or sand and put in the microwave. Turn on the microwave for two minutes on medium power. Check how dry the bud is with a toothpick.
 If you need to quickly dry the flower, you can use the microwave. But be careful, as there is a risk of overdrying it! Bud on the "leg" 2-3 cm, put in a closed container with semolina or sand and then put the container in the microwave. Turn on the microwave for two minutes on medium power. Check how dry the bud is with a toothpick. Continue to dry the flower gradually until the petals become strong, as if made of paper. It usually takes from 4-7 minutes. Take the container out of the microwave, open it and put it to cool for 12-36 hours, depending on the filler in which you placed the flower.

Our florist's method of drying roses

  Cut the flower with a 2-3 cm "leg" when it just starts to bloom. Hold it for 10-20 seconds over boiling water. Then place a needle with a long thread in the stem and hang it in a ventilated room, you can even hang it on a chandelier in a darkened room.
  It is very important that the flower does not gather dust. For this you can tie it with gauze. After 4-6 days the bud dries up, it turns out beautiful and even.

Dried roses crafts

  You can make a lot of beautiful things from dried roses. First of all, we are talking, of course, about decorating the interior. For example, a bouquet of dried roses in a beautiful vase or basket will decorate an inconspicuous corner of your house and will cheer you up on long winter evenings. Especially if it is a bouquet from a loved one, presented on a pleasant occasion.
Dried flowers can be used to create various floral compositions, applications, herbariums, garlands, paintings and panels.
  Rose buds and petals can be used to make earrings, rings, pendants or buttons. Specialists fill them with special epoxy resin and make unique handmade jewelry.
  Like buds, rose petals can be used to create collages, applications, paintings and panels or bookmarks. You can make a unique necklace or bracelet from petals.
  You can prepare a homemade cream, face lotion or an exclusive rose perfume. The pleasant aroma of a rose will cheer you up even in the gloomiest weather outside the window.
  If you have extra rose petals left and you don't know how to use them, you can make confetti out of them for a holiday or for a date. After all, just fill the tub and throw in the rose petals - you will definitely be satisfied.

How to keep dried roses forever?

  In order to strengthen the rosebud after drying, you can sprinkle them with hairspray from a distance of 35-40 cm. Any dried flowers, whether they are whole or just buds and petals, should not be stored in direct sunlight.
 Check buds and dried rose petals regularly for insects. In case of parasites, get rid of the flowers and disinfect the storage area. To prevent the appearance of insects, the petals are best stored in the refrigerator.