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Do flowers make a good birthday gift?

23.08.2022 2330 Updated 03.06.2024
Flower gifts for birthdaysReasons for flower giftingSelect the right flowers for a birthdayCan I send a bouquet to a man?What else can I give?

Whenever a birthday of someone special is approaching, we all ask ourselves the same old question: what should I buy for them? Choosing the right gift for your dear one can be tough, but there is one thing you cannot go wrong with… Flowers! The variety of their types and colors ensures that you can always find something awe-inspiring.
Here’s everything you should know about giving a bouquet for a birthday.

Flower gifts for birthdays

A birthday is one of the most popular occasions for giving flowers. If it falls on a workday and your dear one has to spend the day in the office, you can send a beautiful arrangement right there. It will definitely brighten their day and help them feel the atmosphere of the celebration.
If you are invited to the recipient’s party and bring a bouquet to their home, it will become a great decoration for it. Flowers are always charming and easy to handle, making them the best choice for busy bees (pun intended).

Reasons for flower gifting

If you’re still hesitating, let’s look into some reasons for going for flowers as your birthday gift.

Welcomed by all

Flowers are given everywhere in the world. You shouldn’t worry about cultural differences, if you want to send an arrangement to someone from another cultural background. Of course, national preferences may differ, but, in general, the love for blooms is universal.
We advise you to read about traditions of flower gifting across the world before deciding on a bouquet. In that case you are sure to pick the best option for a birthday.

Flowers speak volumes

You can express so many emotions with a simple bouquet. Each variety has its own special meaning which also depends on its color. By ordering the right arrangement you can say “I love you” or “I’m sorry”. If your loved one’s favorite flowers are, say, red roses, it would be great to choose them as your birthday gift. This way you’ll show that you listen and pay attention.
Another way to send a message to the recipient is by adding a postcard with a birthday wish to your bouquet. By the way, MyGlobalFlowers does it absolutely for free.

Source of inspiration

Flowers always inspire. If you need proof, just look at the paintings of such great artists as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, or Jan Davidsz de Heem. This quality of flowers makes them an especially good gift for creative people. However, anyone can appreciate their beauty – you don’t have to be an art expert to love blooms.

Long distance is not a problem

With the advance of new technologies we’ve gained the opportunity to deliver flowers to other cities or even countries. You can remind your dear one of your feelings even if you are unable to be with them on their birthday. To do that, you simply need to choose your bouquet and place an order from the comfort of your home.

Select the right flowers for a birthday

As has been mentioned above, different flowers communicate different feelings. Let’s discuss several varieties which are particularly good for birthdays.


All-time classic, roses are always a safe choice. They look exquisite both in mono and mixed bouquets. Red roses can show your passionate love, while pink ones look very tender.


Even their name tells us of the ability of sunflowers to share your warmth and joy with another person. These yellow blooms are especially great for those who were born in summer.


Lilies come in so many colors – creamy, yellow, pink, salmon, and others. They typically symbolize purity and admiration, so you can send them to anyone special.

Gerbera Daisies

Just like lilies, gerbera daisies are available in a variety of shades. You can usually choose from yellow, pink, salmon, maroon, creamy, and even violet colors. Gerbera symbolizes positivity, so such a bouquet is ideal for a birthday.


These flowers are very mysterious, and they cannot leave anyone indifferent. Orchids are often given to convey such meanings as devotion and femininity. You can surprise your dear one on their birthday with a single orchid in a pot or order a mixed arrangement.

Can I send a bouquet to a man?

The times when sending flowers to men was considered girly are long gone. We all enjoy signs of attention, especially on our birthday. Moreover, many men actually love flowers.
The important thing here is to select an appropriate color. Some of the best options include deep shades of maroon, purple, and yellow. As for particular flower varieties, we recommend roses, gerbera daisies, irises, and lilies.
If you are still not sure what to choose for your husband, friend, or dad, you are welcome to check our catalog of birthday flowers for men.

What else can I give?

Potted plants are a great alternative to cut flowers. If the recipient is not a big fan of roses or lilies, try choosing a plant for their birthday. It will last much longer and will constantly remind the recipient of you.
By the way, did you know that many indoor plants can purify the air in your home? They are also great for reducing stress and preventing headaches.
Although, you have to take into account that it will demand more attention. You have to follow recommendations carefully to take proper care of your plant.
Nevertheless, potted flowers are a wonderful gift for a birthday. Just be sure to include some care tips with your gift.

Another option is to complement your flowers with an additional gift. The most popular choices include soft toys, balloons, and sweets. A bottle of fine wine can also make the atmosphere of the birthday even more festive. Fortunately, you don't have to look for these things in different places, as they are all available on our website. Together with fresh flowers they are sure to make the recipient happy on their birthday.

As you can see, flowers are indeed a fantastic gift for a birthday, as well as any other celebration. They can make anyone much happier.
If you’ve decided to send flowers as your birthday gift, don’t forget to take into consideration their type and color, as they always symbolize something. Or, you can give a beautiful mixed bouquet – florists always know what would look better. Alternatively, buy a potted plant and tell the recipient how to take care of it.
Whatever you decide, remember to send a loving message together with your flowers. Our florists will add a free card to your order if you ask them to.

Birthday flowers

Bouquet 'Velvety Delicacy: Gerberas and Alstroemerias'
Delivery $15.00
Gerbera — 3
Lisianthus (eustoma) — 2
Alstroemeria — 2
Spray rose — 3
Aspidistra (1 pc.)
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Bouquet 'Ravishing Red Roses'
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Bouquet 'Flower Fairy'
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Spray rose — 2
Eucalyptus Cinerea
Orchid Phalaenopsis with 2 stems
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Ceramic pot
Bouquet 'Eternal elegance: purple Roses and Carnations'
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Mattioli — 2
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Carnation — 3
Lisianthus (eustoma) — 1
Hypericum (1 pc.)
Aspidistra (1 pc.)
Bouquet 'My beloved'
Delivery $15.00
Bouquet 'My beloved'
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Spray Chrysanthemum Stallion — 3
Lisianthus (eustoma) — 4
Rose 30-40 cm — 5
Flower basket 'Elegant features'
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lilac branch — 3
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