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What is the best flower to give to a boy?

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Flowers perfect for guysWhen is it OK to give flowers to a guy?

Many people believe that flowers are a gift only appropriate for girls and women. We beg to disagree. There are so many flower varieties and ways to arrange them, that some bouquets look simply perfect in a boy’s hands. You just need to learn a few basic guidelines that can help you choose flowers ideal for a young boy or a teenager.

Flowers perfect for guys

The most popular flower varieties when it comes to selecting a bouquet for a boy are sunflowers, irises, chrysanthemums, and gerberas. Of course, if you know that the recipient loves certain flowers that are not mentioned in our list, you should definitely pick this variety. We just want to make the search easier for those who cannot decide which arrangement would work best for a boy.
Another important aspect to consider is the color palette of your bouquet. The arrangements that are favored by boys are generally made in such colors as yellow, purple, green, and ruby.
These varieties and colors are preferred for several reasons. Let’s look into the details concerning each particular flower.


These flowers have always been associated with happiness, admiration, and strength. Their bright yellow petals inspire optimism and can encourage a guy to be resilient to everyday life battles.
The scientific name of the sunflower is Helianthus. It derives from the words “helios” and “anthus” which in Greek mean “sun” and “flower”. This name is not only symbolic of the flower’s ability to turn towards the sun, but it is also reminiscent of Apollo, the God of Sun. And who doesn’t want to be compared to a Greek god? That is why sunflowers are a great flower choice for boys.


Irises typically symbolize royalty, courage, and wisdom. Even their colors, which are normally purple, blue, and yellow, look very noble. The Ancient Egyptians used to adorn the temples of their pharaohs with these blooms. For them, irises were flowers of kings.
In France, the iris is the national flower. It is even depicted on the national emblem – fleur-de-lis. In the Middle Ages, people started to associate the iris with the power of the royals.
Considering its rich history, the iris flower makes a great option for a guy. It will give him wisdom and patience.


The meaning of the chrysanthemum varies greatly from one country to another. In some European countries these flowers are typically sent to express sympathy or condolences. In the East, however, their meaning is quite different.
In China, chrysanthemums are popular for such occasions as birthdays and baby showers. Their culture associates them with wishes for a long and happy life and good luck. For the Japanese, chrysanthemums are a symbol of perfection. In the USA, these flowers are frequently sent to friends to wish them health and happiness.
All these positive connotations combined with a large variety of colors make chrysanthemums another great flower option for boys. For example, you can choose green or deep red shades that would look very manly.


This flower variety is also available in many colors. For this reason, you can experiment with different shades and, eventually, find a bouquet that a guy would love.
The Celts believed that gerbera daisies had the power to alleviate pain and sorrow. Now they are a common way to wish joy and a happy life to children. A bouquet of fresh gerberas would cheer your boy up for sure.

When is it OK to give flowers to a guy?

It is only for you to decide when you will surprise your boy with a bouquet. Nevertheless, people seem to give flowers to guys more frequently on the following occasions:

There are also some issues to consider when buying flowers for a certain occasion.


If you decide to send a guy flowers for his birthday, take into account his age. For younger boys, we recommend brighter shades. Yellow, lilac or creamy would probably look the best. However, an older teenager would appreciate darker and calmer tones, such as deep orange, red, or blue.
You can also choose a potted flower or plant for a guy’s birthday. Great options include anthurium and ficus, but basically any potted plant would do nicely. The only thing to remember before sending such a gift is that it is important to take care of it properly.

Valentine’s Day

One of the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day is the rose. This rule applies not only to girls. Your boyfriend might also enjoy a beautiful bouquet of roses. Although remember that while a girl would love pink and red blooms, a better choice for a guy would be ruby.


A flower arrangement given to a guy for his graduation symbolizes the beginning of an adult life. This way you can wish him good luck and prosperity as a grown man.
As for the prom, there are also several traditions. A guy should buy a corsage for his date before taking her to the ball. In return, she prepares a boutonniere for him. Its color typically matches the corsage.

Get Well Soon

The best colors to choose for flowers for the hospital are yellow and green. Yellow is associated with positivity and warmth while it is believed that green can make you calmer.
A cheerful flower arrangement can lift the spirits of your boy and help him get better.

As you can see, in the end, boys can enjoy flowers, too. Just be sure to ask him about his preferences beforehand. In case your guy is not a big fan of bouquets, there are many other gifts that can make him happy. For example, you can go for an edible arrangement. It would definitely appeal to anyone.

Flowers for boys

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