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Help your rose bouquet last longer

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How long do roses stay fresh?How to take care of cut roses?Make your roses last forever

Roses are probably the most versatile flowers in the world. Their wide range of colors and types makes it possible to give them on all sorts of occasions – from birthdays to Valentine’s Day. If you are planning to send a bouquet of fresh roses to a loved one or you’ve just received one yourself, you should learn the right preservation techniques. Taking good care of your flowers will help you significantly extend their life.

How long do roses stay fresh?

The general rule here is that cut roses stay fresh for about 1 week, if kept in water. However, it’s up to you to change it: for better or worse.

There are several factors that may influence how for long your roses might stay fresh:

  • How healthy the flower is in the first place,
  • What type of roses you choose,
  • Whether you follow the care tips or not.

Of course, the quality of your roses doesn’t depend on you. Nevertheless, by purchasing flowers from a reputable local florist you can ensure they will be healthy.

Different types of rose have different lifespans. For example, Kenyan and Ecuadorian roses typically last longer than the regular ones. They will be a beautiful decoration to your house for two weeks or more. Their blossoms are also larger and their stems are longer than those of regular roses. For this reason, flowers sourced from plantations in Ecuador and Kenya typically cost more, but they are worth it.

The one thing that does depend on you is the environment you create for your roses. Their lifespan is determined by the conditions the flowers are placed in. In other words, roses behave differently in a vase, a fridge, and without water.

In a fridge

Have you ever asked yourself why florists store cut flowers in special rooms with low temperatures? The cold does the trick when you need to slow the aging process down. That is why you can try keeping your flowers in a fridge overnight. For the same reason, we recommend filling the vase with cool water if you want to extend the life of your flowers. Alternatively, warmer water can help your roses bloom quicker.

In a vase

Fresh water is essential for cut flowers. Consequently, you should always always put your roses in a vase as soon as they are delivered. This way they will have greater chances of staying beautiful for a week, even if you don’t follow the special instructions.

Without water

These are the most dangerous conditions for your roses. Unfortunately, without water they can last for just a few hours. You should take that into account when you are planning a gift for your loved one. Carrying a bouquet around without water would probably not be the best idea. Alternatively, you can try sending beautiful roses right to the recipient’s home in NYC.

How to take care of cut roses?

Once you’ve received your roses, it’s your turn to help them last longer. We’ve prepared for you a list of tips on how to take care of cut flowers.

1) Prepare a clean vase

Don’t forget to wash your vase before filling it with water. It should be crystal clean, as bacteria can seriously damage your roses. Besides, a vase is practically the home for your flowers, so try to make it cozy for them, just like for yourself.

2) Fill it with clear water

Fresh water is crucial for preventing bacteria buildup. That is why you should also change it every couple of days or when you notice it’s become cloudy.

3) Cut the stems of your roses

It’s better to use a sharp knife or garden scissors for it, as this way you won’t damage the flower cells. You should also cut the stems at an angle, so that roses absorb more water. Remember to repeat these actions every time you change water in the vase.

4) Remove the leaves

When leaves fall into the water, they can also produce more bacteria. For this reason, it would be a good idea to trim them, at least in those parts of the stems that are inside the vase.

5) Place your vase away from the heat

Direct sunlight and heat sources (e.g., radiators) are harmful for roses. Instead, they prefer a cool and shady environment. It is also important to maintain the airflow in the room your roses are placed in. Open the windows once in a while, and 

6) No fruits or veggies near your roses!

If you’re wondering why, the answer is quite simple. They produce ethylene which is also responsible for the aging of flowers. So if you want your roses to last longer, keep them away from other plants.

Make your roses last forever

If you don’t want to ever part with your roses, there are also a few things you can do. Basically, all these techniques come down to one method – drying. You can dry the whole flowers or use only their petals. Here are our three favorite techniques:

Baking your roses

Yes! You can dry the petals in the oven. For this, you’ll need to preheat it to 180° and roast them for about 15-30 min.

Drying upside down

For this technique, you’re going to need a rope and a dark dry room. Just attach your roses one by one to a rope and hang them upside down. If they are exposed to sunlight, their color may become a little darker.

Making a herbarium in a book

Find a large book and carefully place the petals between the pages. It is also important to put something heavy on it. The petals will become flat, but you can use them for many creative ideas. For example, write a letter to your loved one and decorate it with the petals of a red rose. So romantic!

We hope these tips turn out to be useful. Whether you want to dry your roses or simply enjoy the bouquet in a vase, you can always place an order on our website.

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