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Our favorite sweet sixteen birthday gifts

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What happens on your 16th birthday?Memorable gifts for sweet sixteen

Whenever the birthday of someone special approaches, we start thinking about what we should give to them. Of course, everyone wants their gift to be memorable and meaningful. This is especially true for such milestone birthdays as sweet sixteen.

What happens on your 16th birthday?

Sweet sixteen is an important date because it is considered to be a girl’s transition from childhood to being an adult. This day is largely celebrated in the US and Canada. People tend to throw huge parties and decorate their houses with lights, table centerpieces, and balloons.

In these countries, 16 is also the minimum age when you are allowed to drive a car. For this reason, some girls are given their first cars on their 16th birthday. However, we all know that it is a very costly gift. That is why we suggest some other great gift ideas that are quite affordable, but still cool.

Memorable gifts for sweet sixteen

Naturally, such a unique day requires a special gift. We’ve prepared for you a list of fun 16th birthday gifts for your daughter, friend, or girlfriend. These ideas will help you make her day unforgettable.

Personalized candle

The charming scent of a crackling candle can fill her room with the atmosphere of coziness. You can buy a candle in any shop of your choice or make it yourself. This will give you the opportunity to pick a scent preferred by your loved one and decorate the jar with a personalized message.

Sunset projection lamp

In case your dear one adores taking pictures, she is certain to appreciate this gift. A sunset lamp can make her room the most Instagrammable place on the planet. It is also excellent for creating a peaceful atmosphere in the evening.

Reusable coffee cup

A good gift can also be sustainable! All coffee lovers absolutely need a reusable coffee cup. They are available in a variety of designs and shapes. Try to pick a cup that would be convenient to carry around. Then your girl will definitely stop buying disposable cups, and our planet will thank you for that.

Beautiful flower arrangement

A cloud of fragrant flowers delivered right at her door can become a fantastic beginning of your dear one’s 16th birthday. You can go for her favorite flower variety or choose one of mixed bouquets on our website. Your flowers can be arranged in a box or a basket – whatever you want.

Instant camera

We all love great memories. An instant camera can turn them into something material – a polaroid that you can, for example, decorate your wall with. Another great idea is to buy an album together with a camera. This way your dear one will be able to keep all her special memories in one place.

Spa day

Why not start your adult life with a good rest? Surprise your dear one with a wonderful spa day. It will give her an opportunity to relax and feel taken care of. You can also go to a SPA salon together and share this moment of true bliss.

Audiobook subscription

Books always make great gifts because they develop our imagination and help us explore new worlds. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys reading, and even those who do, sometimes find it difficult to find time for it. That is why audiobooks are so magnificent – you can listen to them and do other things simultaneously.

Art class – new experience

It is always a good time to try something new. We suggest giving the birthday girl a chance to get creative. Painting, pottery making, or even ceramics are all very fun things to do. A nice bonus here is that she will be able to take her masterpiece home and remember your gift for a long time.

Birthday star map

This gift option is perfect for all dreamers. Now you can order a map that shows what the night sky looked like in a specific location at the moment a person was born. They are made with satellite images and can be complemented with your own message.


We have already discussed why photos are so amazing. However, in this case your loved one will be on the other side of lenses. Find a professional photographer and buy a certificate from them. Show her how pretty she is on her 16th birthday!

Jewelry case

An elegant case for storing all her jewelry is sure to come in handy. There are many designs to choose from, both modern and antique. Some of them can even be used as music boxes. It is such a charming little gift…

Record player / a vinyl record

If the birthday girl is a big music fan, she is bound to love this gift. A record player can start a wonderful collection of vinyl (which is back in fashion again). In case she already has it, you can never go wrong with a new record.

Video with birthday wishes from friends

For this gift you won’t even need to spend money, but it will surely be remembered for a long time. Ask your girl’s friends to wish her something in her adult life and film them. After that, edit these clips into one beautiful video and show it to her and the guests on her birthday.

Handmade birth month flower necklace

For every month there is a specific birthday flower. So why not create a necklace with it? You can find many DIY articles online on how to do it properly. Such a delicate necklace is not only cute, but it will also remind your girl of you.

Potted plant

As your birthday girl is turning into an adult, it may be a cool idea to let her learn to take care of something. A potted flower or plant can brighten her room and lift her spirits. Moreover, research has shown that indoor plants can improve air quality and even reduce stress!

Birthday gift set

If you don’t have much time on your hands, we suggest ordering one of our fantastic gift sets. Fresh flowers in them are combined with the cutest soft toys, sweets, and other pleasant little things. Just browse our catalog!

We hope these ideas will be helpful whenever you are trying to come up with a gift for a birthday girl. Some of them are available on our website. By the way, we can deliver your gift to NYC on the same day you order it. You can read the details here.

Birthday flowers for her

Bouquet 'Floral fairy'
Delivery $15.00
Bouquet 'Floral fairy'
25 x 30 cm
Rose 30-40 cm — 3
Carnation — 3
Spray rose — 2
Eucalyptus Cinerea
Bouquet '24 premium red roses'
Delivery $15.00
Bouquet '24 premium red roses'
35 x 50 cm
Roses 50-60 cm — 24
Aurora: Hat box with purple Lisianthuses
Delivery $15.00
Aurora: Hat box with purple Lisianthuses
25 x 33 cm
Lisianthus (eustoma) — 3
Roses 50-60 cm — 3
Spray chrysanthemum — 1
Bouvardia — 2
Round flower box (20х16см)
Bouquet 'Nymph'
Delivery $15.00
Bouquet 'Nymph'
30 x 40 cm
Spray rose — 9
Modern packaging
Colored gypsophila
Bouquet 'Royal Elegance'
Delivery $15.00
Bouquet 'Royal Elegance'
25 x 35 cm
Spray peony Rose — 4
Carnation — 5
Modern packaging
Bouquet 'Ravishing Red Roses'
Delivery $15.00
Bouquet 'Ravishing Red Roses'
27 x 50 cm
Roses 50-60 cm — 14
Bouquet 'Rose Boulevard'
Delivery $15.00
Bouquet 'Rose Boulevard'
30 x 50 cm
Spray peony Rose — 9
Modern packaging
Holiday gift with chocolate and wine
Delivery $15.00
Sunflower — 1
Spray chrysanthemum — 3
Alstroemeria — 4
Wine (red or white) 0,7
Chocolate in assortment

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