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What Are November Birth Flowers?

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Chrysanthemum as November Birth FlowerMeanings and Symbolism behind ChrysanthemumPeony: The Second November Birth FlowerOther Popular In-Season November Flowers

The frenzy of autumn has subsided. You’ve already carved scary pumpkin faces, protected trees in your garden for winter, and pulled out those cute knit sweaters from your winter wardrobe.  You've eaten your last Halloween sweets, and now you can take a deep breath of crispy air and welcome November, the last and most beautiful month of fall.

In-between shopping for Christmas presents and celebrating glorious Thanksgiving traditions, don’t forget to express your best wishes to November-born babies and send them a bouquet of Chrysanthemums or Peonies – both being the official birth flowers for November. This quick guide covers the essentials about the two established November birthday blooms.

Chrysanthemum as November Birth Flower

Chrysanthemums are acknowledged November birth flowers. Treasured for their generously-petalled heads and incredible diversity of colors and forms, chrysanthemums, or simply mums, are popular ornamental plants in home gardens, but they also produce stunning cut flowers.

Chrysanthemums belong to the Asteraceae family that also encompasses such members as asters, sunflowers, and daisies among other cheerful blooms. Chrysanthemums own their whimsical name to the famous Swedish botanist Karl Linnaeus who invented this term by mixing two Greek words: chrysos (gold) and anthemon (blossom).

These admirable blooms have a long and curious history. The first cultivation of mums is reported to take place in China in the 15th century BC. The Chinese used chrysanthemum as a natural remedy for various ailments such as headache relief, blood pressure-lowering, and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

From China, the chrysanthemum traveled across the sea to Japan where it was then cultivated by Buddhist monks. Thanks to its undeniable beauty, the chrysanthemum flower quickly became the official flower on the emblem and official seal of the Japanese emperor. In the Japanese language, this wondrous flower is called “kiku”, and there is even National Chrysanthemum Day known as the Festival of Happiness that is celebrated yearly in the country.

Mums came to Europe nearly four centuries ago. Whether used alone or mixed-and-matched, chrysanthemums are absolute delights in bouquets and floral arrangements. The flower is also known as the "Queen of Autumn Flowers" due to its overwhelming popularity.

Meanings and Symbolism behind Chrysanthemum

Whether potted or arranged in a bouquet, chrysanthemums never fail to bring a splash of color to any environment. Vividness and lushness are just one reason why these blooms make popular picks for floral gifts on various life occurrences. Another reason that justifies the universal love of mums is perhaps the meaningfulness and symbolism they carry.

In general, the November birth flower represents friendship and good wishes. Mums make a great birthday present and floral gifting for baby shower parties, as they also symbolize life, vitality, and new beginnings. Additionally, chrysanthemum flowers signify joy, fortune, happiness, longevity, large-heartedness, and respectfulness.

In different cultures, especially in the western world, these magnificent blooms send a signal of compassion. In Asia, on the other hand, mums are associated with all the things great, including happiness, wealth, and wish-fulfillment.

The Japanese associate chrysanthemums with power and royalty. It is also offered as a floral gift on celebrations that occur in autumn, as the flower blossoms out in that period of the year.

As with other birthday gifting flowers, the symbolism of chrysanthemums will depend on their color. Red blossoms hold a meaning of love, passion, and adoration, while yellow heads may be interpreted as answered love or sad feelings. White mums are demonstrations of faithfulness, honesty, and devotion. Violet blooms express your get-well wishes.

Chrysanthemum is the official flower of Chicago and the flower of the 13th wedding anniversary.

Peony: The Second November Birth Flower

Peony is another official birth flower for November babies. Paeonia officinalis is the scientific term for this fluffy stunner. Making a serious competitor to classic roses in terms of beauty and charisma, peonies appear in many pleasing shades of pink, yellow, red, white, and purple. This dramatic flower is native to Asia, America, and Europe, but it also has been grown in China for thousands of years.

The flower got is name after Paeon, the doctor of the Greek gods. The legend has it that Peon was taught by Asclepius, the god of medicine. Unable to tolerate the academic excellence of his student, Asclepius tried to kill Peon, but Zeus saved the latter by turning him into a peony flower.

Due to their exceeding beauty and voluptuousness, peonies are popular flowering plants to adorn home gardens and yards. They are also ravishing cut flowers in bouquets. The greatest aspect about peonies is that they can live in your garden and produce stunning blossoms for ages. It is an ideal heirloom plant that you can pass on to your families from generation to generation.

The peony is also the flower to commemorate the 12th wedding anniversary. It is believed that peonies attract good luck and can strengthen a marriage.

The copious flower of peony has various meanings, depending on its specific color. Pink is the most popular peony color and represents amorousness. It is a common staple for wedding floral decorations because it also symbolizes a strong bond and commitment.

Yellow peonies are the perfect graduation gift or for those moving in a new home because they symbolize new beginnings.

The red peony acts as a manifestation of love. The white peony is used as a way to say, "I'm sorry." Purple blooms typify support and encouragement.

Peonies used to be flowers available only to Chinese emperors. Since then, the flower has become a symbol of honor, wealth, and power.

Other Popular In-Season November Flowers

Although weather in November can be chilly sometimes, this month doesn’t restrict you to the availability of other flowers rather than peonies and mums. Many alternatives are as beautiful as November birthday flowers.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies are among the most exquisite cut flowers that you can easily obtain from your local flower store. Their graceful silhouettes render them to the league of the most popular flowers used by professional florists to create astonishing bouquets and floral designs for different occasions. With an extended vase life (up to 2 weeks) and a variety of color options, calla lilies can effortlessly add a touch of sophistication to any space. Calla lilies in the language of flowers indicate beauty, purity, and fidelity.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera is another elegant cut flower easily available in November. This flower from the chamomile group symbolizes beauty, joy, purity, and honor. Gerbera daisy flowers are also traditionally given on the 5th wedding anniversary.


Cut irises produce mesmerizing floral arrangements. They appear in the hues of white, blue, purple, and yellow. Like other November birth flowers, irises have different meanings based on their color. Typically, iris flowers symbolize royalty and wisdom. Their other meanings include respect, appreciation, hope, and romantic sentiments.

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