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Which Flowers Are Best For Birthdays

18.02.2021 views 1134

When you think of a festive birthday celebration, what's the first thing that pops into your mind? It's almost impossible to imagine this event or other special occasions without the tradition of giving flowers as an expression of love, gratitude, and support. In addition, a bouquet can also carry extra meaning that is conveyed by the choice of flowers used to compose it. Your loved ones deserve to have the best flowers for their birthday, and we're going to help you pick the right plants for your bouquet! 

Best Flowers For Mom's Birthday

Of course, moms love all of their children’s presents, even when it's a macaroni necklace or a crayon portrait. However, if you want to put as much love into your mom’s birthday bouquet as possible, here are your options for choosing the most suitable flowers. 

Starting with the classics, you might consider giving your mom roses for her birthday. Be careful with the color, though: you should opt for pink roses, meaning admiration, joy, and gratitude. Ivory roses are a suitable variant too; they stand for charm and thoughtfulness. 

The same color palette should be considered if you want to have peonies for a birthday bouquet. The peony flower represents so many things: from prosperity and honor to a happy marriage. When you have a lot on your mind and want to express it all at once, the peony is the perfect option. 

Mothers symbolize new beginnings. They are the ones who give life, care, and warmth. Do you know what flower relates to that? A tulip, which blooms in the spring, when nature wakes up from the cold. If you drop by the tulips section, you'll find many types of them worth adding to your shopping cart. 

Last but not least come lilies. In Greek mythology, lilies are associated with fertility. In modern times, lilies symbolize femininity, devotion, rebirth, and admiration. Does this sound just like what you're looking for? 

Best Flowers For Sister's Birthday

Family ties are a treasure one should be thankful for, and it's better when your gratitude is shown through the bouquet you chose. Let's check out what flowers are suitable for your sister's birthday that will make her go "wow". 

First, we have the already-known roses and tulips. These flowers in pink colors are symbols of platonic love, admiration, and a close bond the characteristics of a unique connection only siblings can understand. 

If you want to congratulate your little sister on her special day, you definitely should consider daisies as a birthday bouquet. The daisy flower is associated with love, innocence, and purity, the traits you'll always see in your baby sister no matter how old she is. 

A perfect choice for an elder sister’s birthday gift is an arrangement with carnations. These blossoms also convey the meaning of admiration, but are typically given to others to wish good luck or express everlasting love. Add a cute signed card in there, and your sister will feel truly loved.

Best Flowers For Girlfriend or Wife

Matters of the heart are painted red, so there's no doubt you should prioritize this color. Passionate roses are the emblem of affection and love. Pick a lush bouquet of red roses, and you'll never miss. Want something less canonical? There are more unique arrangements to offer, so you can choose the best birthday flowers for her!

Gladiolus flowers got their name because of their shape "gladius" means "sword" in Latin. Some are surprised to find this type of flower in a love-dedicated section, but it has nothing to do with anger, cruelty, or any other battle-like qualities. Gladiolus flowers symbolize strong moral values, passion, integrity, faithfulness, and infatuation. Getting these for your wife is a splendid way to show how much you care about this person and your time-tested relationship. 

The next plant blooms and grows relatively quickly in many conditions. Its elegance can't pass unnoticed in any room. We're talking about exotic orchids, which have earned their title of being one of the world's most graceful flowers. Their charm will amaze the recipient and celebrate the birth of the woman who came into your life and made it happier. 

Best Flowers For Best Friend's Birthday

This is probably the least puzzling category, as there are so many flowers that fit the meaning of friendship. Alstroemerias, chrysanthemums, yellow roses, gerberas, lisianthuses, lilies stick with colorful flower arrangements, transferring cheerfulness and joy, to let your best friend feel cherished and adored. The same message can be delivered via a bouquet of radiant sunflowers, sparkling with happiness and fun! Nobody knows your bestie better than you do, so rely on your sense of beauty too;, it won't let you down. 

Take Care of The Finishing Touches

When you're done choosing the flowers, you might be interested in adding a more personal addition to your gift. Place an order for a box of chocolates or a nice bottle of wine to accompany your birthday flowers delivery and spice up any celebration. If your intentions for the gift are friendly rather than romantic, we've got you covered as well: choose a cute teddy bear or a cloud of balloons. Still haven’t found anything that the person you’re congratulating would like? Well, then, you should check out more birthday compositions in our gift baskets section. We have gifts for all occasions. There's no way you'll leave empty-handed!