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What’s Your Birth Month Flower? Discover Their Meanings

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The tradition to give flowers is deeply rooted in all humanity's history, to the times when nobody had Internet, smartphones, or even books to consult before picking a particular flower for someone. At first, offering flowers was some sort of a compliment to another person: you're as beautiful as this red rose, or as passionate as that tiger lily. The time passed, and people have discovered more context and started speaking the language of flowers. You can learn it too by finding out what flowers stand behind each month and what they symbolize. Don't forget to tell your recipient about the meaning of chosen flowers to let your present have even more recognition!

January Birth Month Flowers: Carnation & Snowdrop

The first month of a new year is always accompanied by aspirations and hopes, and this month’s flowers transfer the essence of it the best way possible! Carnations, existing in dozens of different colors, have a delicate crown-like bud but a strong, long and powerful stem, which helps them grow and bloom during the cold. Carnations represent love, admiration, gratitude, good luck and motherly love. 

Its fellow-flower snowdrop is quite the opposite. You’ll see no color vivacity, only milky white blooms, rising from the snow, rushing to bring the news that the winter is finally over. Who else but these little cuties to symbolize hope and rebirth for the new year of life?


February Birth Month Flowers: Violet & Primrose

Having a speaking name, violets are a bit tricky. They call themselves violets but they can be not only of a purple-blue color: there are approximately 500 different species, having their own color palettes. These flowers are famous for their charming fragrance… which disappears after you sniff them once. Despite this controversy, violets symbolize modesty, faithfulness and spiritual wisdom. 

The primroses are not that playful. "Primrose" comes from the Latin word "primus" and is translated as "first". It's one of the first flowers blooming after the winter, so fair to say their meaning would be "youth" and "everlasting existence". Alright, there actually is a fun fact about primroses: they're edible! So if you need to get your cake or frosting colored pale yellow, you can count on them.


March Birth Month Flower: Daffodil

The spring has finally come and this month can’t be represented by anything else but these exuberant yellow flowers! Sure, their color may vary but the classic yellow ones are like scoops of sun, delivered via these petals, ready to warm up the mother nature. Rebirth, vitality, overcoming obstacles, success — daffodils are screaming these meanings! If we take a look at cultural symbolism, in China daffodils are given to attract fortune, in Japan these flowers stand for joy and mirth, while French people use daffodils as a symbol of hope.

April Birth Month Flowers: Daisy & Sweet Pea

There are so many stories and legends about daisies, granting them their unique meanings! First, daisies are symbols of purity and innocence, as told by the Celtic legend: when a child died, God was covering the earth with daisies to cheer up the parents. In Norse mythology, daisies were the favorite flowers of Freya —  the goddess of love, fertility and beauty. The flower’s appearance has given it the name “day’s eye” because the petals close to the center at night and re-open in the morning, like blinking! 

The scientifically called "lathyrus odoratus," —  "fragrant" and "very attractive," are the most accurate words to describe sweet pea. The flowers stand for blissful pleasure and are also used to say thank you.


May Birth Month Flowers: Lily Of The Valley & Hawthorn

Have you ever imagined that these white bell-shaped buds on the lily of the valley stems are small cute hats of tiny people, living in the grass? These are sweetness and motherhood talking, being symbolic meanings of this flower. If your mother was born in May, you should definitely get her a lily of the valley! 

The hawthorn tree comprises everything: beautiful flowers, leaves and little berries. Anything from this plant can be put to good use for a nice arrangement. What meaning does it carry? Strength for the tree’s mighty trunk, love and beauty for the little bright flowers and fertility for red berries it produces.


June Birth Month Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle

Obvious as it is, the birth flower for June is rose, representing love and affection. If you thought love can’t be measured and categorized, these flowers prove you wrong. The intensity of red or pink color stands for the degree of affection (red is passion, pink is family love and respect), while yellow is friendship. 

You may not hear about honeysuckles that often but these flowers are very extraordinary! Meant to provide hummingbirds, butterflies and bumblebees with nectar, these flowers grow as vines, which are really challenging to get rid of once they’re settled. That’s interpreted as "devotion" and "strong bonds". Nowadays, the honeysuckle symbolizes happiness and affection (the latter surely has something to deal with the sweet scent, luring the insects).

July Birth Month Flowers: Larkspur & Water Lily

How about a beautiful Native American legend about the way larkspur got its name? There was some celestial creature that turned the pieces of the skies into spikes and sent them down. These spikes were dried under the sun, scattered around by the wind and planted in the ground, where the larkspur flowers then started to grow. Even if in general the most widespread blue larkspurs represent grace and dignity, its color variants may add an extra meaning: pink symbolizes indecisiveness, white stands for happiness, purple would mean "the first love". 

It’s hard to imagine a water lily being somewhere else but a pond, peacefully floating on the water surface. But once you decide to add it to your birthday arrangement, the level of aesthetics skyrockets and the bouquet’s symbolism gets purity and rebirth to its list of qualities.


August Birth Month Flowers: Gladiolus & Poppy

The August flowers are both about strength, remembrance and sincerity. Starting with gladiolus, the flower known as "the sword" (from the Latin word "gladius" meaning the same thing), able to pierce someone’s heart with its infinite beauty. There exist a plethora of gladiolus colors: yellow, white, purple, pink, and red. But if you need a burning bright red August flower for a birthday arrangement, you should pay attention to little poppies. They have become a symbol of commemoration for those, who’ve lost their lives in World War I and are worn on Armistice Day.


September Birth Month Flowers: Aster & Morning Glory

Love, wisdom and royalty — all these qualities are here for a reason. Aster was named after a Greek goddess, Astraea, who once was crying at night and it was too dark for her to see, so the tears she dropped became shining aster flowers. The nicer these legends are, the more astonishment your bouquet would cause! 

There’s no need to dive deep into the etymology of the morning glory. Let’s just highlight here, that they stand for different kinds of love: unrequited, restricted or love in vain. At the same time, the flower carries a philosophical symbolism, namely the mortality of life.

October Birth Month Flowers: Marigold & Cosmos

That little bright floral explosion is called marigold and can be included in your arrangement if you want to express passion, courage and creativity with your gift. Its common color is burning orange but there are also white and yellow kinds, deserving recognition. Fair to mention that marigolds were used for love spells by people in the Middle Ages. 

Do you feel harmony and peace while looking at the cosmos flowers? Thin stems with air-light petals make you want to stop and seize the moment, enjoy its tranquility, simplicity and start loving it.

November Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemums (or simply mums) are majestic flowers used in gardening and creating artistic floral paintings in landscaping. This golden flower is known for being a sign of strong friendship and loyalty, kindness and positive energy. They exist in many sizes and colors, but sticking to the classic one for your best friend’s birthday would be the right choice. Oh and if you’re willing to give the mums to your partner, the meaning of this present transfers into romantic devotion and love.

December Birth Month Flowers: Narcissus & Holly

If December means holidays, narcissus means good wishes, wealth and hope — exactly the things you need in this month full of miracles. We all know the legend about a handsome man Narcissus, who was punished by Gods for being too self-obsessed. It’s a good thing you can stare at narcissus flowers forever and nobody would judge you for that because they are so marvelous! 

Did you know that the traditional holly you use as a December holiday decoration is not just a pretty festive thing but a symbol of defense and protection? Before that, the Druids saw holly as a symbol of fertility and eternal life. If your friend or relative gets upset because of the birthday month being all about Christmas and not his/her birthday, get armed with the druids’ version when getting an arrangement with holly!


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