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How to say «thank you» with flowers

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Share a beautiful and heartfelt feeling of thankfulness by sending flowers to show your appreciation for all the help and support you’ve received. You can express your thankfulness without words with a variety of beautiful bouquets and an extra emotional twist.

Giving thank you flowers creates a beautiful and intimate moment between you. Now you’re both sharing a positive memory that shows just how important their support have been.


Why it is so important to be grateful?

Kindness is one of the most beautiful things in our life. When someone sincerely helps us, it fulfills this world with good and makes it a better place to live. So did our gratitude. It is also a powerful positive emotion, which produces longer lasting positivity. Studies show that gratitude not only make us happier, but also provides us with better health, deeper relationships and can significantly increase our productivity. Moreover, thankfulness makes people like us. While this beautiful feeling makes more social and pleasant, it helps us improve our relationships and make more friends.


Thank you flowers for your friends

Friends are the sunshine of our lives. They are always here to give us a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. They support and protect us even in the darkest times by standing on our side. Therefore, it is crucially important to show them how much you appreciate all their invaluable help and how much you value the friendship. And one of the best ways to do it (except giving your help back) is to send them a special bouquet of thank you flowers with a touching note. 


⸲⸲ Note language: We suggest not to try to write too beautiful, pretentious or sublime message. In some cases it may be appropriate, but your friend will immediately notice insincerity. Instead write in your usual manner about all your positive feelings. Tell how they raise your spirit and give you a new hope, how valuable and wise their advises were. It will definitely make them feel appreciated, loved and make them smile.


Flowers: Choose their favorite flowers, or, perhaps, flowers that have special meaning for them. If they don’t have favorite flowers, send a thank you bouquet of their favorite color or just pick something lovely.

  • Yellow roses are international symbols of friendship and joy. You just can’t go wrong with this classic arrangement.
  • Gerberas — sunny and cheerful gerberas stands for positivity and happiness. Send your dear friend a joyful message with a bouquet of these glowing beauties.
  • Mixed arrangements in baskets looks cozy and very sweet. Show your gratitude and make your friend’s day beautiful by sending them nice and fragrant flower basket.
  • What can be more uplifting than a bunch of glowing sunflowers? Inspire your friend back with such an optimistic arrangement!


Thank you flowers for your family members

Family is all we have in the end, and each family member is a gift in our lives. Show how grateful you are for their presence in your life and everything they have done for you from the beginning with tender and touching thank you flower arrangement.


⸲⸲ Note language: tell them sincerely and kindly how much you love them and, perhaps, why you appreciate them so much.
Maybe they are very supportive, good listeners or very caring parents. Or maybe you can tell them any secret and always get a good advice. Just follow your heart — it won’t let you down.


Flowers: For your family members choose their favorite flowers, or bouquets of their favorite shade. Mixed bouquets are always a good option.

  • A lush bouquet of chrysanthemums is a classic gift of appreciation for your parents. This flower stands for strong family ties and mother’s love.
  • Gorgeous bunch of creamy roses is one of the best ways to make your grandparents feel loved and appreciated.
  • A bouquet with alstroemerias or lisianthuses will show your dear aunty how precious she is to you.
  • Send your sister nice box with mixed flowers to tell her how much you appreciate her as your best friend.


Formal thank you flowers

When you need to express your thanks towards your boss, colleagues, business partners, an organization etc., a formal «thank you» is an order. It is considered good form to send an appropriate bouquet of flowers with a card. Don’t forget to include your personal business card and a note with reserved expressions of gratitude.


⸲⸲ Note language: Avoid inappropriate footing like slang, text speak, smileys or other language that may be confusing for others.
Don’t get overly friendly to professional or business acquaintances. Be careful with grammar and spelling: if you are not sure about the proper wording, it’s better to ask someone to proofread it for you.


Flowers: For business gifting we suggest to choose laconic bouquets, preferably with one-color or two-tone flowers.

  • Romantic or seasonal flowers like roses, lisianthuses, orchids, irises or daffodils are not suitable for formal thank you bouquets, as well as bright and multicolored bouquets;
  • Arrangements in baskets, wooden boxes or hatboxes also can’t be given to business acquaintances;
  • Avoid pastel shades and bright wrapping. Choose bold colors like blue, green, red, white and yellow;
  • Best flowers for business bouquets are: chrysanthemums, gerberas, alstroemerias, lilies and callas.

Whether you need to say thank you to your friend, relative or business partners, show your gratitude without words with a stunning arrangement of fresh flowers. Explore our wonderful and heartfelt collection of thank you flowers with same-day and international delivery available.