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Choose the bouquet you like from our large assortment of flowers for any occasion. You can even include a vase, an additional gift, or a free card with your order.


Indicate where and when the flowers should be delivered. Pay for the order. After we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS. Order by 2pm Austrian time if you need it delivered on the same day.

Bouquet Creation and Delivery

After your order is placed, our local florists in Austria will begin creating a bouquet with the very freshest flowers. After delivery, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS.


Austria is a country of beauty, but caring for your loved one there can be a daunting task.
The country is filled with much excitement, but  caring for your loved one there can be very hard.
At My Global Flowers, we make it possible to reach out to your loved one and show them you care on their special days.
We are a flower delivery service, and we create the perfect design and style from classic flowers to suit both your traditional or vintage and modern home.

Which Flower Can You Send To Your Loved One

Our beautiful flower catalog showcases our ability to offer you the best kind of flower that will suit your needs. With posies and vibrant flowers, we provide you with a striking well-decorated flower to express your deepest heartfelt emotions.
With my global flowers, you can show and send your flowers to your loved ones who are living or on vacation in Austria.
From a single bouquet of flowers to a basketful of magnificent flowers.
We provide you with the kind of flowers that makes a special day or event more memorable to your loved one.
With the help of our online delivery platform, we have made it easy to celebrate with your people, whether it's an anniversary or birthday event.
We have the perfect flower to deliver to your loved ones in a specific way that will suit the event in every possible way.
At my global flowers, we have put in place a variety of flowers for different occasions. We make it possible to transmit your emotions in a lovely and reliable manner.

Want The Best Flowers?

While we can't be specific when it comes to making your choice, we have flowers that appeal to different occasions and special people to make their day worth remembering.
The country is known for antique wild and countryside sightseeing features. Flowers reflect the natural pleasure of the country carnations for your leisure.
Since we strive to remain the best, providing a top-quality delivery service, we have filled our catalog with beautiful and colorful flowers. We have different lovely flowers such as Vanilla sky.

Where Can We Ship To?

As an international delivery service provider, we try to please our customers, and we have set up a team of trained delivery personnel who are conscious of the states and local areas.
We further stress our delivery service to be the best and accurate flower delivery service. We provide urban and rural area deliveries, so you can rest assured that your flower will get to your recipient's address.
Leading in the industry can be a daunting task, and the length at which we go to provide quality services says it all.
At my global flowers, we provide extended delivery service across different cities and smaller towns in every state of Austria.
To mention a few, we can ship your bouquet of flower to Gratz, Salzburg, and other cities around the country.
Our self-serve online platform allows you to order and fill in your loved one’s address without having to stress or spend time writing down the address.
We make it possible to share in your loved one's memories, and delivering your deepest expression is one of the best ways. In spite of the occasion, we have carefully curated the best flowers for your events.

What Time Can You Order Your Flowers

There is no specific time to send a flower. Flowers can be given to your loved one on their birthday or as a sign of care.
Austria is a country with different great events and times. They have a different celebration in each season, and this can enhance sending your loved one flowers to mark this day.
Like every country, the best time to send flowers can be on Valentine’s days. This is perfect for those in a long distance relationship. If your loved one is on a vacation, business trip, or currently looking to complete their studies, we can help you show how much you care.

Customers Support & Delivery Time Frame

Providing a top-notch service requires sacrifice and resources. At my global flowers, we have a team of dedicated customer support specialists that can assist you throughout your ordering process.
Giving the said date and time can be helpful as we try our best to deliver before this time. Providing accurate information is the first step to smooth service.
You can reach out to our customer support team if you have a question or to discuss our delivering procedures.

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We deliver to all cities, towns, and villages in Austria

If you cannot find the city you wish to send the delivery to, DON’T fret. You can always add it in the final step of the purchasing process! ;-)

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