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Choose the bouquet you like from our large assortment of flowers for any occasion. You can even include a vase, an additional gift, or a free card with your order.


Indicate where and when the flowers should be delivered. Pay for the order. After we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS. Order by 2pm local time in Canada if you need it delivered on the same day.

Bouquet Creation and Delivery

After your order is placed, our local florists in Italy will begin creating a bouquet with the very freshest flowers. After delivery, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS.


Winter bouquets

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Send Flowers to Italy

Italy is a beautiful country filled with olden day beauty and modern pleasing features. As a top Italian flower delivering service, Myglobalflowers gives you the perfect feel of sending flowers. At my global flowers, we provide an online delivery service in Italy for your convenience and delight. We strive to remain the best flower delivery providers. We make it possible for you to brighten your loved one's day with a basket of flowers to express your deep feelings.

Which Flowers Can You Send?

At my global flowers, we have a wide range of flowers. We provide the best bouquets and the best delivery service.

Ranging from:

We have different types of flowers that suit a variety of occasions and let you express your heartfelt wishes. Sending flowers to friends is easy through our self-service all in one platform. If you are looking to send dazzling flowers to friends in Italy, we have an array of beautiful flower bouquets with meaningful expressions to fit with the event.

Want To Send More Than Flowers?

No problem. We have a variety of add-ons you can include in your purchase to please your loved one.  Our all in one self-serve platform lets you pick those items you can attach with your flowers.

To mention a few items we offer:

Offering international and expert-oriented service is our philosophy. From our list of leading flowers, you can choose the best to meet your and your loved one’s desires. Sending Flowers abroad hasn't been easy, so we created a platform to let you express your deepest care easily.

Where Do We Ship Flowers in Italy?

With our goal focused on helping our client, we have designed a better delivery service to send flowers to your friends in Italy. You can rest assured your flowers will be delivered while you enjoy the deepest feelings of the Italian culture and emotion. You can send surprise flowers to people in Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice and other places, including smaller towns.

Every flower ignites feelings in your loved one, as you express and spark your loved one's interest. At myglobalflower, we create the perfect way to express your emotions.

Do you send flowers to people in urban or rural areas?

We deliver your flowers to any destination and make sure they are still in their best state. After booking on our platform, we prepare your order in the best way possible.

We ensure that your flower arrives the same day as your ordering date. If you're sending flowers for a special event, we also prepare your order to suit the event. We strive to cater to our customers and your loved ones. We have built our business to meet our customer's demands. We make it possible for you to experience the exclusive and natural feel that flowers bring. We provide the best possible experience from ordering to sending your loved one flowers, with expansion across Italy.

What Time Can You Send Flowers?

There is no stipulated time for sending flowers. Instead, we consider the event or delivery date you want your flower to be delivered and schedule time in the best possible way.

Safe & Dedicated Customer Service

As a leading practice in the flower delivering industry, we have put in place a dedicated team of customer representatives that can guide and keep you updated throughout. We do this to create a perfect feel and give you peace of mind that your flower will get to your loved one. We make it possible to keep in touch with your relatives in Italy who are either on vacation or waiting to complete their studies.

Our Delivery Time Frame

When you order your flower and have submitted your recipient’s location, we have an in-house team that will process your order. We send notifications via emails, and in case anything goes wrong, we notify you with the earliest possible solution. While we ship to any destination of your choice, we also guarantee fresh, beautiful flowers.

Do you have any question?

You can get in touch with our friendly and dedicated customer support team to guide you through the process.  

Send flowers to our most popular destinations in Italy


We deliver to all cities, towns, and villages in Italy

If you cannot find the city you wish to send the delivery to, DON’T fret. You can always add it in the final step of the purchasing process! ;-)

Why Choose Us?

Always freshly cut flowers

We value our client’s trust, so we prepare bouquets only with fresh flowers. If for some reason you’re not happy with the bouquet, just let us know within 24 hours since the delivery time and we’ll replace it with the new one!


The recipient will not be told anything about the sender or what is being delivered. He or she will only learn who sent the flowers from the text in the card.

Order from any place in the world

We accept orders from any place in the world, so you can always order flowers to Italy, using the most convenient way of payment including .

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