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Send fresh flowers to Madrid

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Send freshly-cut flowers to Madrid

We assume that flowers have some kind of magic in them, and that is why they are perfect to convey your feelings to someone special. In our catalogue you’ll find flowers for every occasion and recipient. Choose from passionate roses, bright tulips, festive gerberas, delicate callas, fragrant lilies, fluffy hydrangeas, sunny sunflowers, modest chrysanthemums, cheerful daisies and a lot more.

Choose My Global Flowers to create your bouquet

Why do hundreds of thousand customers around the world choose My Global Flowers? The answer is simple: we love what we do and it shows. Our main priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality customer service and freshest blooms. That’s why we work only with the best local florists, hand-creating unique bouquets from the freshly-cut flowers to amaze your special someone with gorgeous surprise.

Speed flower delivery in Madrid

Running late with the gift, accidently forget about someone’s big day or just want to make an amazing surprise for your loved one? Don’t panic, we are here to help! Choose one of our beautiful floral arrangements from Same-day section, and make sure that you’ve placed your order by 2 PM in your addressee’s time zone. We’ll be delighted to deliver it straight to the lucky recipient within 3 hours.

Compliment bouquet with a gift

Sometimes it’s just not enough to send a simple bouquet, and you are really eager to sweep them off their feet. For such occasions we have a gorgeous gift section in our catalogue. Complement your floral arrangement with festive balloons, hand-made card, delicious sweets or a plush toy. We also have impressive hampers and gift sets or even can buy and deliver a custom gift specially for you!
Why Choose Us?


We only deliver fresh flowers! If the recipient is not pleased with the bouquet, let us know within 24 hours: We'll replace it with a new bouquet.


Professional florists in the delivery city will arrange a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers that will make your recipient happy.


Need it delivered today? Order by 2pm in your recipient’s time zone. Or you can indicate any other time for the flowers to be delivered. We deliver around the clock!

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Virtuosity of being a florist

The florist's profession is specific. This is an art and practical work with flowers.

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Charm of Friday flowers

Giving flowers on Friday is a great idea of beginning a wonderful weekend!

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