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Choose the bouquet you like from our large assortment of flowers for any occasion. You can even include a vase, an additional gift, or a free card with your order.


Indicate where and when the flowers should be delivered. Pay for the order. After we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS. Order by 2pm Indian time if you need it delivered on the same day.

Bouquet Creation and Delivery

After your order is placed, our local florists in India will begin creating a bouquet with the very freshest flowers. After delivery, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS.



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Send Flowers To India

If you're in need of flowers or bouquets of flowers for events like wedding ceremonies or anniversaries, at my global flowers,we carefully select and examine our expert florists, and we make sure our flowers are delivered in time via my global flowers’ pristine state of the art delivery system. At my global flowers, we make it possible for you to send flowers from abroad to your friends and family in India.

What Kind of Flowers Can You Send?

For freshly intimate lovers or couples, indoor decorators or weddings, event planners and domestic decorators, we make it easy and present a unique solution with easy flowers. At my global flowers, we offer bouquets and basket of flowers for events like birthday celebrations, Valentine’s day and Diwali etc. You can find a vast selection of flowers on our website, ranging from cute flowers that include basket of roses and all kinds of other flowers. So, if you need a bouquet arrangement for an aisle decoration or want to revamp the bored corner of your home with a creative bouquet format, we ensure it is possible. We understand people celebrate events for different reasons, but it can be very painful when you don't get the chance to show them you care on this special days, events like Valentine’s or a get well soon message. At my global flowers, regardless of the event, we ensure you can participate and share in the joy by providing freshly cut and cautiously selected exotic flowers organized by our professional florists.

Want to Send Add-ons?

We make it possible for you to add whimsy that matches the precise events of your friends,  loved one, or a family member staying in India by sending remarkable flowers and other lovable gift items. Our team of dedicated florists provides resounding client support service with resourceful help sending flowers across India. We make it possible for you to choose by providing a wide selection of flawless and well-prepared flowers baskets including gift items as extras.

Our Flower Delivery in India

We have provided great pictorial views of our flowers on our website if you're ordering flowers online from our website. You won't have problems sending flowers to major or minor areas in each state of the country. We include seasonal flowers and help you schedule the perfect delivery for the event. Our same day delivery ensures you do not miss out on showing your loved one how much you care.

100% Service Satisfaction

Each day, we strive to upgrade our service by providing an excellent safe and secured delivery system for jollifications and smiles on your people's special day. We also handle the entire process from ordering to delivery to ensure  your bouquet is made possible and easy through holistic services. At my global flowers, our team of expert flowers and logistic partners never leaves one stone behind, and they can go to any extremes to be sure you get the best experience from working with us.

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Photo of your bouquet before the delivery

We’ll send to your email the photo of your bouquet before the delivery.


We deliver only fresh flowers! Replace or refund the money bouquet otherwise.

A free postcard to flowers

We will make a free greeting card to your order at your request, on which you can write a message to the recipient of the bouquet.

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