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Сhristmas traditions and Customs

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Merry Christmas Wishes

Christmas is one of the main Christian holidays in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, but mainly in European countries. In this article, we will look at the unique traditions and customs of celebrating this celebration.
Preparations for Christmas begin after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated at the end of November (on the last Thursday of the month). The season of sales begins: everyone buys Christmas trees, prepares gifts; decorate houses and streets.
By tradition, Christmas in America is celebrated on December 25th. This is a national holiday, so many government offices, shops, cafes, and many others are closed during this period.

Advent Calendar

Many people cross off days on the calendar in anticipation of an important event. One of the Christmas traditions is the advent calendar. Advent - the coming of Christ - is a religious holiday that has been celebrated since the 4th century AD, 30 holidays, starting from the Sunday closest to November 30th.
But in the modern world, in fact, it is a countdown in anticipation of Christmas. You can make your own advent calendar, it usually has 24 items, but sometimes it can reach up to 30. The main idea is that you add one toy, box or decoration every day. The first advent calendar appeared in the 15th century, and the modern version was first published by the German entrepreneur Gerhard Lang in 1903. When he was a child, he really looked forward to Christmas and got his mother with the question “When???”. Mother gave him a box of windows and told him that he could only open one every day.

Christmas stockings

The origins of this tradition are unknown, we only know that it came from England. It is also known that the tradition of hanging stockings over the fireplace goes back to the legend of St. Nicholas the Giver, the predecessor of Santa Claus. At night, he dropped bags of gold coins or treats into the chimneys of the people of the country, who were found by children the next morning. From here arose the tradition of hanging big socks or stockings over the fireplace and falling asleep in a pleasant anticipation of delicious gifts from Santa Claus, which can be found in socks in the morning.

Cookies and Milk for Santa

You also probably know the tradition of leaving Santa a glass of milk and a plate of cookies from the movies.
Some scholars trace this custom to Old Norse mythology. According to legend, the god Odin had an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir, and children left treats for her, hoping that they would get something in return from Odin.
In the US, this tradition developed during the Great Depression. Parents tried to develop in their children a sense of gratitude for the Christmas gifts they were lucky to receive. They tried to teach their children that it is very important to give to others.

Door Decoration

Wreaths have been around since the ancient Greek and Roman times, but the evergreen Christmas wreath, often adorned with boughs of holly, eventually took on Christian meaning, with the circular shape representing eternal life and the holly leaves and berries symbolic of Christ’s crown of thorns and blood. Today’s wreaths, which come in all varieties, from flowers and fruit to glass balls and ribbon to artificial and themed, are most often seen as a secular winter tradition.

Christmas House Decoration

In the USA and Canada, it is also customary for Christmas to decorate their homes a lot and very brightly, not only inside, but also outside, without fear that someone will steal the decorations.
This custom also came to America from England. Americans, like the British, decorate their homes with mistletoe, figurines of angels, symbols of Christmas and stars - a reminder of the Star of Bethlehem, bells - symbols of protection from evil spirits, candles symbolizing the Light that has returned to people, garlands. Many Christmas decorations from ancient times symbolized something magical, bright, mysterious, but people decorated their homes and continue to do so not only for the sake of deep meaning, but for the sake of beauty, pleasure and creating a festive atmosphere in their home.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Remember the scene in «Bridget Jones's Diary» where the main character freaked out about her outfit and then saw Mark Darcy's ugly deer sweater? Do you remember the embarrassed Ron Weasley who got a new sweater from his mom for Christmas?
You will be surprised, but this is not a joke, ugly sweaters in America have really become a Christmas tradition! In order to get into the real Christmas mood, people buy, give and wear funny sweaters themselves in bright colors, with ridiculous patterns and inscriptions. This trend most likely started in the 2000s, when grandmothers, teachers and old-fashioned parents knitted such sweaters to their children and grandchildren at Christmas, and movies and jokes turned ugly sweaters into the real mainstream.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is an integral attribute of the New Year and Christmas in the vast majority of countries. The Christmas tree tradition originated in Germany, and it was the Germans who exported it to America in the 18th century. There are a lot of versions about the origin of the Christmas tree as a symbol of this holiday. The most common of them says that Martin Luther, a German religious figure, introduced such a tradition. When he returned home on Christmas Eve, he was fascinated by the beauty of the fir trees against the background of the starry sky, and when he arrived home, he placed on such a fir tree and decorated it with candles, and on top he set a star, which became the symbol of the star of Bethlehem. Today, the Christmas tree is one of the main decorations of the New Year's decor, Christmas markets are opening in all countries, Christmas tree decorations are being sold, and a specially designated place for a festive tree is being prepared in houses.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated in Great Britain and in a number of countries of the British Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc.) on December 26 right after Christmas.
The holiday originated in Great Britain, and there are several versions of the origin of its name. The most popular of these is directly related to the boxes in which gifts are usually placed, since the literal translation of the name of the holiday is Box Day. The tradition of the celebration dates back to medieval England, although there is no official confirmation of this.
Traditionally, sports competitions and events are held on this day, large sales are organized, which is why you can observe huge queues in shops and shopping centers.

Merry Christmas Wishes

It is customary to write quotes and words of wisdom on greeting cards that are handed over with the gift at Christmas. If you want to wish someone a Merry Christmas, we have some ideas for you. Actually, here you will find different types of texts, even if you want to congratulate someone on Christmas in a funny way.

Merry Christmas wishes for  Family

 When our hearts are filled with the hope of a better year ahead, let us celebrate the holiday season with love and joy!  Merry Christmas!
They say the best gift around the tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas surrounded by your precious family, and many blessings for this year.

Funny Merry Christmas wishes

Please note: Christmas is canceled! Apparently YOU told Santa that you've been GOOD this year... he died laughing!
I hope you love the present you told me to buy for you. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas wishes for Friends

If I could tell Santa what to give you, it would be happiness and peace,  not just this Christmas but for the entire year.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
May the miracle of Christmas bring you joy and happiness. I wish for contentment and peace among you and your family.

Romantic Merry Christmas wishes

No matter what gift I find under the Christmas tree, you're all I need. Merry Christmas to my sweetheart.

You are the gift I ask Santa for every year! I couldn't wish for a better gift than spending Christmas with you.

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