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Choose the bouquet you like from our large assortment of flowers for any occasion. You can even include a vase, an additional gift, or a free card with your order.


Indicate where and when the flowers should be delivered. Pay for the order. After we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS. Order by 2pm local time if you need it delivered on the same day.

Bouquet Creation and Delivery

After your order is placed, our local florists in USA will begin creating a bouquet with the very freshest flowers. After delivery, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS.



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Which Flowers Can I Send to the USA?


If this is the question you are asking yourself, just have a look at our catalogue! Myglobalflowers offers all kinds of flowers arranged in all possible combinations. Send majestic roses, gentle chamomiles, noble lilies, bright gerberas, strict callas, and many other flowers to any address in the USA. Does the recipient love bright arrangements that make the ambience more vibrant and saturated? Send a bunch of red roses or rainbow alstroemerias. Or maybe your dearest one enjoys gentle pastel colors that bring peace of mind? Then, the best choice would be a gentle arrangement of chamomiles or spray roses. You cannot find an arrangement that you love? That’s not a problem! Just let us know which flowers in which colours you want to send, and the best local florists will create your bouquet.

Where Can I Send My Flowers in the USA?

With myglobalflowers, you don’t have to worry about where to send your bouquet. We will deliver it to any address in any corner of the country. Is the recipient in the hospital? Just let us know the address and the recipient’s name, and our courier will hand them your present personally. Do you need to send your present to an office? That’s perfect! Just let us know where it is located, and your closest one will be surprised at his or her workplace.

Send flowers to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or any other city in the USA, to any address, at any time. Myglobalflowers makes it possible!

What should I do if flowers aren't enough to make the perfect present?

Yes, myglobalflowers knows that, sometimes, flowers, even the most beautiful ones, will not make the perfect present. That’s why we offer you wonderful solutions. Just pick one or several of them from our catalogue.

Does your loved one like sweets? Why not select a box of chocolates, Rafaello or Ferrero, whatever you like. If you want to send sweets and even some drinks, check American Basket. Do you need to send a present to a man? Then, the Gift for Men or the Fresh Fruit Basket will be the best options. Add a handmade card and a cute teddy bear to make your present unforgettable. Don’t forget to let us know which message should be added in a card.

What Is the Best Time to Send Flowers to the USA?

You can send any flowers on any occasions. Do you need to send a bouquet to congratulate somebody on a birthday, Christmas, or to express the best wishes in the New Year? Do you want to greet a newborn or express your admiration for your mom or dad? Select an appropriate bouquet from our catalogue, add a nice card, and let us know when and where we should deliver it.

The only difficulty that you might face is how to select the best bouquet, because there are so many options, and all of them are perfect. If you have your own idea about the perfect flower arrangement, share it with us, and the best local florists will make it a reality for you.

How Fast Will My Present Be Delivered?

When you are ordering online, you want to know how fast your present will arrive. With myglobalflowers, you don’t have to worry. You are the one who decides when your bouquet should be delivered. We work day and night, as well during holidays and weekends, because we know that most events aren’t attached to business days.

What to do if you need to send the present today? – Select same-day delivery option. Make sure you place your order before 13:00 a.m. in the recipient’s time zone, because time matters. And here we go! Our best florists will start working on your arrangement immediately after you pay for your order, and the person you love will get your flowery reminder about your love and care just a couple of hours later.

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If you cannot find the city you wish to send the delivery to, DON’T fret. You can always add it in the final step of the purchasing process! ;-)

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We will make a free greeting card to your order at your request, on which you can write a message to the recipient of the bouquet.

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